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Rocket DAO ecosystem

Elena Sokolova

A pivot is a good way for a startup not to fail.
27 Sep 2021
We will tell you about investments and where to invest in 2021.
22 Sep 2021
Examining YOLO-economy ins and outs with Pavel Shynkarenko the founder and CEO of Solar Staff company.
21 Sep 2021
Every novice investor should know what the risks are and how to work with them.
20 Sep 2021
How this niche works and what are the possible risks of investing through a foreign broker.
17 Sep 2021
Roboadvising is a robotic software that collects a portfolio of investments for a beginner investor.
13 Sep 2021
IPO for a startup is an important milestone in the development, signifying its transition to large companies.
10 Sep 2021
How to choose the right niche, which business areas are most in demand in 2021, how to start your own business without any investment.
6 Sep 2021
What are startup-studios and why are they the future
11 Aug 2021
Startups that will soon change the way we think about real estate work
6 Aug 2021
Talking about the most preferred countries for startups
2 Aug 2021
Talking about the most successful and promising startups of 2021 in Japan and China.
30 Jul 2021
Detailed overview of all differences between startup studios and accelerators
28 Jul 2021
How to energise a team in achieving goals
23 Jul 2021
Explaining how to get your organisation on goal
16 Jul 2021
What are the advantages disadvantages of a startup over working in a regular company
2 Jul 2021
Getting to know startup studios
24 Jun 2021
EdTech market overview
18 Jun 2021

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