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Second Startup Training Camp starts in January!

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Rocket DAO investment platform, in partnership with the Belarusian Business Angels Network named Angels Band and the Volat Capital investment company, is organizing the second series of events within the framework of the Startup Training Camp acceleration program, the purpose of which is to prepare startups to attract investments from Belarusian and foreign angels and investment funds.

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Rocket DAO platform is designed as a VC investment marketplace and a startup evaluation platform with an independent expert community. The aim of the Rocket DAO platform is to connect venture projects and investors, whose investing risks are mitigated with the help of the independent expert review of the registered projects.

One of the program partners is the Belarusian Business Angels Network. Angels Band brings together 90 successful entrepreneurs and top managers who provide their expertise and investments to support early-stage tech startups.

Volat Capital is an investment banking boutique engaged in M&A consulting, organizing complex structured financing, mezzanine financing. Since last year, the company started developing venture financing in order to select, analyze and invest in startups. There is already one funded edTech project. Interest profiles: AI, edTech, MedTech, FinTech, Big Data.

Participation in such programs is a great way to develop your project by receiving feedback from investors and industry experts.


Startup Training Camp 1

In the fall of this year, we held the very first Startup Training Camp which is still remembered by all because of the bright projects and fruitful discussions. For example, the winner of the first Startup Training Camp, Caer Sidi project, has already achieved considerable results: he won GameGroove Mastermind, took 2nd place at New York Pitch Day and 2nd place at the Startup of the Year 2019 competition in Belarus. Most importantly, the Caer Sidi team received a number of soft commitments from specialized investors and also started cooperation with major gaming companies such as Wargaming, Amazon Games and Blackwood.

Event format


Event format

The acceleration program will be held in 3 stages:

  1. Selection of startups based on their applications. If you are a startup and want to participate in the second Startup Training Camp, then you need to fill in an application until December 30. On January 14th, we will conduct a selection of successful startups based on their pitches.

  2. The second stage is the presentation of startup projects to industry experts among which are the largest entrepreneurs from the startup industry as well as evaluating projects and receiving recommendations on how to develop a project from experts.

  3. The final stage will be the presentation of startup projects to the investment community- business angels and representatives of venture investment funds. You can also get feedback from the investment community and discuss the possibility of concluding future transactions.


What for?

Participation in the program for startups is worthy because of:

  • An opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of industry experts to improve your projects.

  • An opportunity to find a strategic investor represented by an industry expert.

  • An opportunity to attract angel investors to enter the next round of investment.

  • An opportunity to significantly expand the investor’s funnel by receiving a free assessment by the expert community on the Rocket DAO platform and sending out an assessment report to the international investors community.



Winners and finalists of Startup Training Camp 2 will receive:

  • The winner will receive a $ 11,000 Rocket DAO Startup Pack (Rocket DAO Partner Services Suite).

  • All the finalists will receive a $ 7,000 Rocket DAO Startup Pack (Rocket DAO Partner Services Suite).

  • Up to $ 50,000 from Volat Capital to their favorite project.

  • Investor Kirill Voloshin is ready to invest $ 10,000 in a startup-finalist or another project he we like from those who gets into the final.

  • An opportunity to get an express assessment from Rocket DAO experts for free. The evaluation report will be posted on the platform and sent out to the Rocket DAO investor base.

  • An opportunity to make deals with the participants.

All startups that won’t pass the selection process will have an opportunity to participate in all meetings as spectators for free. Since it is planned to conduct these events regularly, these startups will be also able to get into subsequent Startup Training Camps.



  • Until December 30, 2019 — the selection process.

  • January 14, 2020 — selection of startups by their pitches.

  • January 21, 2020 — presentation of startups to industry experts.

  • January 28, 2020 — Demo Day — presentation of startups to the investment community.

We gladly want to remind you that if you want to participate in the program you need to fill the form in until December 30, 2019!

All detailed information is available on the official Startup Training Camp website.

20 Dec 2019


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