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The idea of ​​multiple intelligences was put forward by psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983.
22 Feb 2022
Tokenomics is the economy of cryptocurrencies, it describes fluctuations in supply and demand for different types of cryptocurrencies.
18 Feb 2022
More and more people are getting serious about personal blogs that are even sometimes replacing their main occupation.
18 Jan 2022
Volunteer organizations offer their members not only new meanings, but also quite pragmatic bonuses.
Today we will catch a few insights from a discussion group on “Volunteering” in a unique author interpretation.
28 Dec 2021
How does a career in the venture business look like?
17 Dec 2021
In today's article, we will plunge into the history of industrialization and see what is happening right before our eyes.
16 Dec 2021
We understand the intricacies of "green business" and consider promising eco-business ideas.
14 Dec 2021
If you want to save your startup, know the fatal mistakes and avoid them.
10 Dec 2021
What it is and how it can be used in innovative projects, which are startups.
9 Dec 2021
Let's figure out what edu trends have taken shape by the end of 2021.
At the end of the 20th century, natural resources, in particular oil, were replaced by the digital economy, which became the "new oil".
2 Dec 2021
Let's summarize a little and talk about what changes in the traditional attitude to work are brought by Generation Z.
30 Nov 2021
The initial assessment takes literally 30-50 minutes, but many forget about this stage and then spend months working in vain.
29 Nov 2021
How the reengineering of an organization's business takes place, why it is needed and what reengineering gives to commercial organizations.
26 Nov 2021
One of the first questions that come to the entrepreneur's head is how to create the presentation of an idea in a way to receive the desired
25 Nov 2021
How come founders turn implementing an original idea into a banal fraud?
23 Nov 2021
Why it is relevant to know your client's face and what to pay attention to when choosing channels for promo.
22 Nov 2021
In the final part of the article, we will share tips on how to attract the attention of investors.
19 Nov 2021
We figured out why you should no longer be embarrassed of wanting to earn money and how to achieve it.
We’ll analyze the slide decks of large global companies from Facebook to Uber.
15 Nov 2021
Presenting your startup is a must-have skill for a founder, especially when the project is in the pre seed or seed rounds.
12 Nov 2021
We dive into a new insight from the Founders Club: we find out what loneliness is and whether it is necessary to fight it.
What is the methodology of the matrix of ideas and what are the ways to come up with a new genius start-up idea?
8 Nov 2021
Let's see, is it really as easy to work in a startup as it seems?
4 Nov 2021
We will tell you how to work with a scout to get the most out of it.
2 Nov 2021
Foreign startups that do not exist in Russia
29 Oct 2021
A new insight from Founders Club discussion groups — understand what and how influences motivation.
26 Oct 2021
We are publishing the second part of the article on what ideas for innovative projects are the most profitable in 2021.
22 Oct 2021
We continue to describe the perception of the world of the new generation — this time we have prepared an article for you about awareness.
19 Oct 2021
A work on a startup also has its own rules.
18 Oct 2021
With this article, we are launching a series of the articles on insights received from the private groups of startup studio Founders Club.
What you need to know if you want to start working according to the principles of the SCRUM methodology.
11 Oct 2021
Peer Review is a method of mutual evaluation in which professionals from the same field can evaluate each other’s work.
7 Oct 2021
Today, we are going to talk about the most famous accelerators in the MedTech area.
5 Oct 2021
Any startup is interested in making the user both happy and satisfied with its product.
30 Sep 2021
Read on to find out what a personal brand is and how to start building it.
30 Sep 2021
How to make the most of your mentors and advisors?
28 Sep 2021
A pivot is a good way for a startup not to fail.
27 Sep 2021
For successful communication, it is better to treat the interlocutors exactly the way they want it: we are figuring out how to do it.
23 Sep 2021
Today, we’re going to talk about a simple and pretty cheap possibility to create a company in Estonia.
16 Sep 2021
Roboadvising is a robotic software that collects a portfolio of investments for a beginner investor.
13 Sep 2021
What is the reason for the development of the sports sector and what startups are launched here?
7 Sep 2021
How to choose the right niche, which business areas are most in demand in 2021, how to start your own business without any investment.
6 Sep 2021
All information about what networking is and what it gives, how to build it and where to practice it.
3 Sep 2021
How artificial intelligence is used to analyze traffic to sites, rank and monitor search results.
1 Sep 2021
Find out how affiliate marketing can replace the sales department.
30 Aug 2021
Startups with a value of $ 1 billion or more are no longer an extremely rare occurrence, we are going to tell you how build a “unicorn”.
27 Aug 2021
Sea expeditions teach when and in what cases it is necessary to make a pivot and why in some cases it is not a shame to give up.
26 Aug 2021
Find out how an MVP differs from a prototype, what are the main functions of an MVP.
23 Aug 2021
Continuing the series of our salty lessons with the one about investments in times of Columbus.
19 Aug 2021
What "primitive" sea wolves can teach us, the "progressive" ones?
12 Aug 2021
How to energise a team in achieving goals
23 Jul 2021
Talking about working with your target audience
22 Jul 2021
Explaining how to get your organisation on goal
16 Jul 2021
What the Lean Canvas tool is and how to use it properly
14 Jul 2021
How to test ideas quickly and productively 
6 Jul 2021
What are the advantages disadvantages of a startup over working in a regular company
2 Jul 2021
Understanding how to register startup in Russia
25 Jun 2021
Which metrics to choose for startup during Product-Market Fit search
22 Jun 2021
EdTech market overview
18 Jun 2021
Explore workable monetization schemes
11 Jun 2021
Everything you need to know about hackathons
8 Jun 2021
Talking about nuances in splitting up business
3 Jun 2021
Talking about nuances in splitting up business
27 May 2021
In our new series of articles, experts explain nuances in separating businesses
20 May 2021
How to apply Lean Startup methodology to your project.
19 May 2021
Explaining what performance-based marketing is and how it works
20 Apr 2021
Talking about who really needs their own community, how to work with it and take apart the cases of LEGO and Red Bull.
17 Mar 2021
Telling about how to present your project.
26 Feb 2021
Together with the lawyer at SBH Law Offices revealing the details of a startup's preparation for an M&A deal.
15 Feb 2021
How projects from the CIS countries work with investors from Silicon Valley.
4 Feb 2021
Sharing interesting tips: about Power BI — service for processing and visualizing data.
13 Jan 2021
Second episode of the «Maslow-ish» audio-podcast is on the air.
8 Jan 2021
We continue the series of articles on developing a PR strategy for a startup.
23 Dec 2020
New Tuesday — new digest! Sharing great news of December 14-18. 
22 Dec 2020
Vitaly Tvardovskiy on legal aid in early stage investments. 
17 Dec 2020
About how to enter a stable market and beat competitors for a new project.
11 Dec 2020
How to develop an MVP with Amazon Web Services.
9 Dec 2020
What you need to do to preserve intellectual property rights.
We've prepared a written version of the audio-podcast from the creators of NODE PR agency.
27 Nov 2020
The Founders Club team held an online event with an AWS representative in September, sharing the insights.
13 Nov 2020
Today we talked about Term sheet — a document that should be signed immediately after the investor expressed a desire to invest.
11 Nov 2020
The founder of the Node PR communication agency about how to plan PR strategy.
9 Nov 2020
A simple analysis of the context makes significant adjustments to predicting the success of the project. Why? Find out in the article!
2 Nov 2020
How one can become the very best startup and get the maximum publications on the platform, receive the most upvotes and pop up.
27 Oct 2020
Hints that are useful for startup founders who want to be published in the media.
19 Oct 2020
Today we will talk in detail about relevant instruments to validate product hypothesis.
5 Oct 2020
How and why you need to conduct customer research and how to create buyer personas. — in a new article.
2 Oct 2020
How to create value for your consumer? How to manage their behavior? We will answer these and many other questions today.
25 Sep 2020
Today we will dwell on KISS — one of the most popular startup financing instrument by 500 Startups
21 Sep 2020
Today we're going to talk in detail about one of the most popular ways of raising investments - SAFE.
7 Sep 2020
Everything you need to know about convertible note - in our new article.
31 Aug 2020

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