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TOP 20 profitable startup ideas from America

Friday, October 29, 2021

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It is not obligatory  to reinvent the wheel to open a profitable business. Sometimes it's enough to see which businesses and startups are taking off in innovative  countries. Today we will analyze American startups that don't exist in Russia — these business ideas can be adopted and implemented.

1.  Portable gym in the office or at home

The modern rhythm of life has led to the fact that office workers often do not have time to visit the gym. American businessmen noticed this feature and suggested that companies equip a gym in offices or launch a portable gym at home. Such a business does not require much investment: only sports equipment and professional coaches are needed to invest.

For example, American startup Arena offers the user a set of sporting equipment and a full set of professional trainings tailored to the customer.

2. Virtual Wardrobe

Ordering clothing on the Internet is always risky: it is hard to guess with the fitting, and the quality of the photos often does not match the declared product. Nonetheless online fitting rooms are increasingly becoming a trending tool for retailers.The team of an American startup improves online fitting rooms using computer vision and artificial intelligence. A tool for working with global and local brands allows you to download the entire product catalogue, generate virtual models and send them to clients. The program analyzes the user's behavior, taking into account his shopping preferences and habits, and also offers personalized recommendations on the selection of clothes and style design.

3.  Virtual office with 3D avatars

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the workflow: working remotely has already become a routine. However, even in an online office without socialization, it is complicated to build efficient  work. For this reason, there are more and more options for virtual offices using the latest technologies 3D and VR reality. 

One of the examples is the virtual reality application Horizon Workrooms from Facebook, which allows you to rethink virtual offices. Employees of the company can create their own avatars, use gestures that will be displayed in the virtual. To connect to a virtual office you need a virtual reality helmet from Oculus Rift, but even without a headset, employees can join a virtual office via a conference link that displays them as a video call inside the room, rather than as an 

4. Delivery of orders using drones

New technologies are changing current business models. For example, the delivery of products has changed with the arrival of drones. Robots are increasingly being used in this field, the technology is striving for greater accessibility. Startups are "taking off" thanks to drones. For example, the American startup Zipline specializes in the delivery of medical products to remote areas of the states. An employee of the central distribution center loads consumables into the drone and launches the device, which follows a pre-programmed path at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

 Generally, the use of drones is not limited only to the medical field: they can deliver food, parcels and other goods. The disadvantages of this business model include high risks of damage or breakage of robots, expensive repairs, as well as the existence of rules regulating drone flights.

5.  Green Walls for homes and offices

It's no secret that greenery in the home and office creates a special favorable atmosphere. Landscaping spaces has become a whole science that does not stand still, but is constantly evolving. Vertical plant walls, which are metal frame structures with light elements and plant boxes, are very popular in the USA at the moment.

Each startup has its own gardening technology. The American startup Florafelt builds a  green wall the following way: the roots of plants are packed in a special felt pocket with soil, from which you can lay out a wall. The drip line irrigates the wall from above, feeding each pocket. If you can offer a more interesting alternative, then here's a ready-made idea for a startup.

6. Urban farms in megalopolises 

In continuation of the urban jungle topic, it is worth mentioning equally popular eco-friendly vertical farms.

The American startup Square Roots allows you to grow environmentally friendly products on compact vertical farms that look like small hangars. The products are delivered to local shops and restaurants. Now the startup has two farms: in Brooklyn and Michigan. The company meets the goals of sustainable development by using hydroponics (which saves water at times) and minimizing transportation costs. To maintain such a farm, water, electricity and maintenance personnel are needed.

7. Portable hotels: rest in equipped minivans

It can be hard to find a good place to stay on a journey. In the United States, a country of nomads, enterprising travellers have already invented mobile sleeping vans. You can find all the comforts in the beads, from a cosy bed and shower stall to TV and washing machine. All you have to do is choose the type of minivan, specify the date and location of your journey: the bead will appear directly at the specified point. Do you agree that  it is convenient? This service is provided by the American company Cabana. This is another example of a startup from America that is not yet in Russia, but can be successfully implemented.

8. An app for the delivery of food from nearby cafes and restaurants

It would seem that there can be nothing innovative in food delivery, because there are plenty of such applications. We look at the American experience: it is very crucial to support local cafes and restaurants in a large country. Thus, a variant of the business idea is to launch an application in which it will be easy for the user to order lunch from the nearest catering establishments and pay for it using the phone.

As an idea for inspiration, you can take the American startup Doordash, specializing specifically in local delivery, which promotes the development of local communities and supports local cafes.

9. Apartment renovation in 1 day or subscription to housing maintenance

Unreliable contractors doing poor-quality work is the main headache homeowners face.To make life easier for customers, the American startup Super offers to subscribe to the maintenance of your home. If something breaks, within an hour the service consultant will find the right specialist for you and send it to the address. You don’t have to worry about finding qualified employees anymore, let’s agree that it is very convenient.

10. Pizza and desserts by individual design

Are you tired of "Margarita" and you want something special and even with an interesting picture?The solution is a custom-made pizza made by a robotic oven with a built-in printer. You might say this is the next step after popular coffee printers that print any downloaded image on cappuccino or latte milk foam.American company BeeHex  makes pizzas, cookies, cupcakes with automated line and 3D machines. This kind of technology is expensive, but it will make your business more competitive.

11. Car wash on demand

Despite the sufficient number of car washing services, this business can be developed by making a service on demand. As a sample, we can consider the American online platform Washe, which connects users of the application with professional carwashers in any convenient place for the client. The client only needs to choose the type of car wash, indicate his location, check the status of the service and pay for it at the end. This service can be compared to Uber in the field of car wash.

12. Selection and delivery of indoor plants specially for your home

The subject of indoor plants can be developed in many directions: from a "green hotel", rooms of which will be densely populated with flowers, to a service for overexposure of plants. However, you can start with the basics: the right selection of plants for a particular person or organization, taking into account their wishes and capabilities. Sill is an American online company offering a wide range of indoor plants and delivering them to novice lovers of green spaces in the continental United States. The site makes it easy to find a plant that suits your needs, preferences and home conditions. On the platform, you can get all the necessary recommendations for the care of a green friend.

13. Glamping - luxury outdoor rest

Glamping is a modern type of travel that Americans love. It combines glamour and camping: you can get acquainted with wild and completely unique corners of the world, relax in nature, without sacrificing the usual comfort. In practice, it looks like a small comfortable tent/house in the wilderness. For example, the American glamping startup Off map proposes visitors to settle in a wild area where they can pick berries, make bonfires, and walk along the ecotrope. And at the same time not to suffer from the lack of a shower)

14.  Food Analysis Service

More and more people are interested in the composition and origin of the foods they eat. Creating a startup laboratory where you can test food for pesticides, radionuclides, the presence of chemical additives and how they interact with the human body can become a profitable business.

The American company ClearLabs conducts clinical trials on food safety, identifies a person's predisposition to infectious diseases or mutations.

15. Airport Guide

Probably, each of us managed to get lost at the airport at least once or suffered in attempts to find a restroom or a rest zone. To make your stay at the airport comfortable, you can create an airport map application with detailed descriptions of facilities, services and life hacks. As a guide, you can rely on the American FLIO airport tracker.

16. Virtual Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a complicated and tedious process. To simplify the organization of the celebration, American startup Weven proposes to use a fully customizable wedding website that automatically integrates with the location of your venue, so that guests are always aware of what is going on. For example, an interactive map of the event is presented here, it is also possible to create a personalized guest list, receive recommendations on planning and selection of service providers. The service also uses artificial intelligence to select unique, suitable wedding places for your couple.

17.  Unique tours with local guides

A platform that unites local guides by location and allows tourists to book an author's tour and experience the city is a business solution that allows you to support local guides. As an example, you can focus on the American platform With Locals. This is a free platform that allows local residents to arrange private excursions.

18. Sale and installation of solar panels

Alternative energy is gaining popularity,  solar panel manufacturing and sales businesses are booming in the United States. For example, one of the most well-known suppliers of such products is Solar Energy. To adopt the experience of foreign colleagues and introduce green technologies is a reasonable investment in the future.

19. Internet of Things: Smart homes

The Internet of Things allows to automate and control essential functions both in home service and in health control. Deako is ranked the best in intelligent switches and lighting in the USA.The devices work using Bluetooth. This is just one of many examples of the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) technology — adopt your favorite device and do business.

20.  Fish breeding using artificial intelligence

How to automate the management of fisheries? An innovative product for fish farms - the American startup Aquabyte counts fry, calculates fish biomass and feed consumption, and also allows you to  build optimally  aquaculture. Manufacturers install cameras around the perimeter of the farm and provide owners with tools for monitoring indicators in real time. Similar technologies will also be useful in Russian fisheries.

This article is an aggregator of ideas that will allow you to choose a direction for a startup and occupy a new niche for the development of your own business.

29 Oct 2021


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