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Irina Radyuk

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Why SaMD is a driver for the development of not only classical medicine, but also a driver for the development of MedTech-startups
15 Dec 2021
We understand the intricacies of "green business" and consider promising eco-business ideas.
14 Dec 2021
What it is and how it can be used in innovative projects, which are startups.
9 Dec 2021
We will tell who was given money and what conclusions we can draw
3 Dec 2021
How the reengineering of an organization's business takes place, why it is needed and what reengineering gives to commercial organizations.
26 Nov 2021
Why it is relevant to know your client's face and what to pay attention to when choosing channels for promo.
22 Nov 2021
There are quite a lot of startups in the world that belong to the ClimateTech field and are doing everything to slow down climate change.
18 Nov 2021
What is the methodology of the matrix of ideas and what are the ways to come up with a new genius start-up idea?
8 Nov 2021
We understand how a venture capital fund works and get acquainted with the world's largest venture capital funds.
2 Nov 2021
A venture fund is one of the main sources of funding for a startup. We figure out what it is and what types of venture capital funds are.
1 Nov 2021
Foreign startups that do not exist in Russia
29 Oct 2021
Continuing the topic of startup studios. Today we deal with how university start-up studios work.
20 Oct 2021
The best way to learn how a VC studio works is to observe their work from the inside.
13 Oct 2021
With this article, we are launching a series of the articles on insights received from the private groups of startup studio Founders Club.
Peer Review is a method of mutual evaluation in which professionals from the same field can evaluate each other’s work.
7 Oct 2021
The most significant projects of Elon Musk: from the first company at the dawn of the "dotcom era" to technology that changes the mind.
4 Oct 2021
How to design and submit a project so that it attracts the attention of investors and ideally closes the round.
14 Sep 2021
Roboadvising is a robotic software that collects a portfolio of investments for a beginner investor.
13 Sep 2021
IPO for a startup is an important milestone in the development, signifying its transition to large companies.
10 Sep 2021
How artificial intelligence is used to analyze traffic to sites, rank and monitor search results.
1 Sep 2021
Startups with a value of $ 1 billion or more are no longer an extremely rare occurrence, we are going to tell you how build a “unicorn”.
27 Aug 2021
Sea expeditions teach when and in what cases it is necessary to make a pivot and why in some cases it is not a shame to give up.
26 Aug 2021
Prepared tips and useful links on how a startup and investor can enter the Indian market.
24 Aug 2021
Find out how an MVP differs from a prototype, what are the main functions of an MVP.
23 Aug 2021
Continuing the series of our salty lessons with the one about investments in times of Columbus.
19 Aug 2021
In the first part of a new series, we covered startup market of India.
17 Aug 2021
Examples of unusual business ideas that can stimulate the market
13 Aug 2021
What "primitive" sea wolves can teach us, the "progressive" ones?
12 Aug 2021
How alternative realities are adjusted by businesses and startups
10 Aug 2021
In which areas startups can revolutionise
9 Aug 2021
Talking about working with your target audience
22 Jul 2021
How simple and user-friendly service helps to organize working time remotely
6 Jul 2021
Understanding how to register startup in Russia
25 Jun 2021
Understanding the causes of conflict and finding ways to resolve them
17 Jun 2021
Everything you need to know about hackathons
8 Jun 2021
Dmitry Machulin tells about the creation and development of Beyond Esports
18 May 2021
Learning how to look for new directions that will actively grow in the near future.
27 Apr 2021
Roman Doronin, the guest of the audio podcast “Like Clockwork”, telling about the history of artificial intelligence, the
23 Apr 2021
Explaining what performance-based marketing is and how it works
20 Apr 2021
Continuing our "Technology of the Future" series, and today we find out if robots will take over the world
13 Apr 2021
We keep going with our "Technologies of the Future" series.
2 Apr 2021
Talked about an extraordinary path of the fund with Sergey Bogdanov, founder and CEO of YellowRockets.
29 Mar 2021
A new series in which we review the most popular technologies in the near future.
25 Mar 2021
How the venture capital market will change in 2021 and what will affect it.
15 Mar 2021
The founders of the fund talk about how to create a fund from scratch and how they differ from others.
4 Mar 2021
About investing in late-stage startups that are preparing to enter the stock exchange.
22 Feb 2021
Kazakhstan HR startup reduces lost profit of the companies by 10–15%.
12 Feb 2021
Coworking, acceleration programs and event production: about the network of startup hubs in Ukraine.
Trying to understand the growing popularity of the EduTech sphere.
27 Jan 2021

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How to design and submit a project so that it attracts the attention of investors and ideally closes the round.
IPO for a startup is an important milestone in the development, signifying its transition to large companies.