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Alex Riabtsev

Today, we’re going to talk about a simple and pretty cheap possibility to create a company in Estonia.
16 Sep 2021
A valuation of 221 companies has reached $1B before August 2021, we look at those countries and segments where these unicorns mainly come fr
9 Sep 2021
Everything you need to know about hackathons
8 Jun 2021
We are wrapping up our “Technology of the Future” cycle
2 Jun 2021
Talking about technologies becoming mainstream in the 21st century: molecular biology and biotechnology.
30 Apr 2021
Continuing our "Technology of the Future" series, and today we find out if robots will take over the world
13 Apr 2021
We keep going with our "Technologies of the Future" series
8 Apr 2021
We keep going with our "Technologies of the Future" series.
2 Apr 2021
A new series in which we review the most popular technologies in the near future.
25 Mar 2021
How the venture capital market will change in 2021 and what will affect it.
15 Mar 2021
Talking about the events in the Ukrainian venture capital market in 2020.
16 Feb 2021
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ecosystem: beyond startups
Talking about how the startup ecosystem of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is being developed.
26 Jan 2021
Startup ecosystem of Paris
It's time to talk about the startup ecosystem of Paris.
5 Jan 2021
Startup ecosystem of London
Today will dive into the world of startups in London.
24 Nov 2020
The startup ecosystem of Berlin
Revealing all the most interesting facts about startup ecosystem of Berlin.
29 Oct 2020
Smart yoga, smart technologies
Future stream at Emerge conference had a panel about the future of yoga and the tech role in this practice. Find details in a new article!
18 Sep 2020
Nature is our next tech hub
Is nature our next tech innovation hub? Discussing it with Herve Dupied at Emerge conference Future stream.
8 Sep 2020
Remote work & hiring
Sharing the insights about how an interesting talk by Amir Shevat about remote work and remote hiring went.
1 Sep 2020
The Midas List 2020
In our today's article, we are talking about The Midas List 2020 and those "lucky ones" who managed to get into it.
27 Aug 2020
Silicon Valley
Discussing whether Silicon Valley is dying and if we can potentially find the same ecosystem outside. 
24 Aug 2020
Digital wellness
Today we want to share some insights about how a 4-hours panel dedicated to digital wellness was held.
19 Aug 2020
Accelerators in CIS
Today will talk about the companies that have their headquarters located in 15 Post-Soviet countries.
18 Aug 2020
European accelerators
Let's have a look at the top 10 companies from the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.
28 Jul 2020
Accelerators in the Asian region
Let's have a look at how accelerators are developing in Asia.
23 Jul 2020
Digital fashion
The world of fashion is going digital. Talking about new trends in fashion tech.
16 Jul 2020
Accelerators in Canada and the US
In this article, we are going to review programs, which are located in different regions of the USA and Canada.
9 Jul 2020
Accelerators in New York
Today we will have a look at the ecosystem of accelerators in New York.
2 Jul 2020
 Accelerators in Silicon Valley: startup opportunities
Our today's article opens up a series of articles about the global startup accelerating ecosystem.
19 Jun 2020
Today we will talk about the Techstars acceleration program, that Digital Ocean, FullContact, Zagter and many others have gone through. 
15 Jun 2020
Grants for startups
Today we’ll talk about programs that provide grants for business development.
11 Jun 2020
Overview of SaaS-market in Ukraine
In today’s article, we are going to talk about SaaS-market development in Ukraine and about its prospects.
22 May 2020
LegalTech market in Ukraine: Review
Today, we will try to pull back the mysterious curtain on the legal-hacker community and have a look at what is on the market now.
4 May 2020
Fintech market of Ukraine
In this article, we will discuss technological companies on the financial market
2 Apr 2020
Startup arena of Ukraine in 2020
We will try to fray “the crystal ball” and foresee the future to understand what awaits us in 2020.
12 Mar 2020
Venture results of 2019 for Ukraine
Today Startup Jedi will tell you about the most successful results of 2019 for the venture industry in Ukraine.
6 Feb 2020

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