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Vladislav Tsvirko

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In today's article, we will consider mental health in the plane of the relationship between creativity and schizophrenia.
15 Feb 2022
Today we will focus on the concept of "normality" in the context of modern society and define mental disorders.
8 Feb 2022
In our "Mental Health" series we will talk about mental health nowadays.
1 Feb 2022
AI technologies demonstrate the potential for diagnosing, managing and treating a wide range of diseases.
22 Dec 2021
Why SaMD is a driver for the development of not only classical medicine, but also a driver for the development of MedTech-startups
15 Dec 2021
In this article, we will look at the concept of software as a medical device (SaMD), talk about its importance in the field of MedTech.
8 Dec 2021
The second part of the articles focuses on technological solutions that are transforming the industry of dermatology and cosmetic surgery
24 Nov 2021
In today’s review, we will discuss technologies and startups that form the future of aesthetic medicine.
10 Nov 2021
Today, we are going to talk about the most famous accelerators in the MedTech area.
5 Oct 2021
Today's article outlines key tools that are available for startups and companies in Poland.
15 Sep 2021
The third part of the START IN POLAND series will cover startups success stories and the fastest growing industries
8 Sep 2021
What is the Polish venture capital market, what are the opportunities for raising public and private investments.
25 Aug 2021
It's time to reveal the secrets of the startup ecosystem of Poland.
18 Aug 2021
We gathered 60 useful links to find investors for your startup. Enjoy!
16 Aug 2021
Examples of unusual business ideas that can stimulate the market
13 Aug 2021
In which areas startups can revolutionise
9 Aug 2021
What is happening to the digital therapy market now and what the future prospects are
28 Jul 2021

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