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Katsia Radziuk

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We understand the intricacies of "green business" and consider promising eco-business ideas.
14 Dec 2021
Why it is relevant to know your client's face and what to pay attention to when choosing channels for promo.
22 Nov 2021
What is the methodology of the matrix of ideas and what are the ways to come up with a new genius start-up idea?
8 Nov 2021
Foreign startups that do not exist in Russia
29 Oct 2021
Startups with a value of $ 1 billion or more are no longer an extremely rare occurrence, we are going to tell you how build a “unicorn”.
27 Aug 2021
How alternative realities are adjusted by businesses and startups
10 Aug 2021
Veronica Shendo, the UX / UI manager at Blink agency, shared the best approach to building your brand and doing design
27 Jul 2021
Talking with the founder and owner of Powercode Vladislav Savchenko.
26 Jul 2021
How simple and user-friendly service helps to organize working time remotely
6 Jul 2021
Talking about how alpha use technology and what content they consume.
9 Mar 2021
Kazakhstan HR startup reduces lost profit of the companies by 10–15%.
12 Feb 2021
Talking about creation and promotion of the OpenBussiness startup.
28 Jan 2021
About a virtual user tamagotchi avatar that can be made happy with simple actions in the real world.
5 Nov 2020

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