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Yury Shlaganov

Which metrics to choose for startup during Product-Market Fit search
22 Jun 2021
Zoomers and politics
Together with Yury Shlaganov talking about attitude of Generation Z towards politics.
20 Nov 2020
#underZtanding. How does Generation Z feel about modern technology?
Together with Yury Shlaganov talking about attitude of Generation Z towards technologies.
28 Sep 2020
Поколение Z
In this article, we will focus on mental state of generation Z
27 Jul 2020
Venture markets 2020
In this article, we will do our best to share the vision on the trends and verticals that will determine the twenties.
18 May 2020
Venture 2020
Today we will analyze the key trends of the venture market over the recent years with Yury Shlaganov
26 Mar 2020
Let's find out what is the difference between the marketplace that survived and the marketplace that died a hero's death with Yury…
6 Mar 2020
Yury Shlahanau evaluation
Together with Yury Shlaganov we have decided that it would be interesting and useful to review the process of project evaluation in detail
31 Jan 2020
Venture investors value startups
If you plan to attract investments,most likely one day investors will conduct evaluation of your startup. To be ready, read the…
6 Dec 2019
SaaS startup metrics
Specific metrics for a SaaS startup  -  in our new article!!
29 Oct 2019
startup metrics
There is a set of basic universal indicators that should be considered by almost any company. We will deal with them today.
17 Sep 2019
Pre-money VS Post-money
Pre-money and post-money: founders-beginners often get confused with these notions, so let's slice and dice.
24 Aug 2019
Accelerators Incubators
At a certain step of the projects' development practically all founders think about attracting external expertise and assistance.
19 Jul 2019
Business angels and Venture funds
Who should you turn to for financing, what amount of money should you ask for? Let’s find out.
4 Jul 2019

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