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Anna Mastykina

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Sharing a great guide to venture investing (find the link in the article)!
8 Feb 2021
New Tuesday — new digest! Sharing great news of December 14-18. 
22 Dec 2020
Today we talked about Term sheet — a document that should be signed immediately after the investor expressed a desire to invest.
11 Nov 2020
Sharing important news — 102 members have joined and the club started working with international partners.
1 Oct 2020
Today we will dwell on KISS — one of the most popular startup financing instrument by 500 Startups
21 Sep 2020
Today we're going to talk in detail about one of the most popular ways of raising investments - SAFE.
7 Sep 2020
Everything you need to know about convertible note - in our new article.
31 Aug 2020
Today we will tell you about our first international partners.
29 Jun 2020
A month ago, we announced the launch of, it's time to sum up the results!
28 May 2020
We decided to take a new approach to the issue of joint early-stage investments, so we're launching!
22 Apr 2020

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