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Why and how should you invest in startups

Monday, February 8, 2021

Startup Jedi

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Heloooo everyone!

I’m Anna and I am the manager of

Every day I communicate with entrepreneurs and top managers who have made a lot of money and are tired of investing in securities, real estate or simply keeping money in the bank. And most importantly, they are tired of learning about success stories and high-profile sales of startups, while not understanding that there are venture capital investments, how this market works and how to make a lot of money here.

I decided to simplify the task for novice business angels and wrote a large instruction on venture investing. Once you study it there will be no questions left about how this market works. Besides, I am sharing some startups from the pipeline that can be a good start for an angel investor’s journey.

You can download the document for free at
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What will you learn from the document?

  • What is VC investment anyway?

We receive projects that make, say, an online store selling something. The problem is that this is not a startup. A startup is a new product or business model, and the essence of a startup is rapid growth.

  • Who are venture capital market participants?

You will be very much mistaken if you name only business angels, venture capital funds and startups. There are in fact many more of them!

  • What are the principles of the venture?

Yes, there is, let’s say, a code of rules that you need to know and follow from the first investment. Otherwise, you can lose all your money and get frustrated with the venture capital market.

  • What are the stages of startups? How do they make money?

It may not be obvious how the value of a startup is formed, why they need thousands of dollars of investment and what the team will spend it on.

  • What are the stages of the investment process?

Yes, investing in a startup doesn’t just mean giving money and waiting.

First, you need to prepare for investing, form an investment focus, find a future unicorn (a startup with a capitalization of more than $1B), conduct a due diligence, sign a preliminary Term sheet agreement, select and sign the investment agreement itself (you will need to choose from a convertible loan, SAFE, KISS or join the company right away), prescribe the terms in this agreement and only then invest. But that’s not all! After the investment, you need to work with a startup and help it not die, and then you also need to sell your share to another investor in order to finally make money.

  • Who can help me figure this out?

Firstly, I have described all possible resources where you can read about venture investments in Russian in the instructions! Secondly, you can, of course, ask for help from the =)
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Leave your contacts on the club’s website and I will give you a free consultation on how to enter a venture capital, and then I will share a list of already selected and invested startups that are looking for additional investments from business angels!

8 Feb 2021


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