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Maria Skorokhod

Today's article outlines key tools that are available for startups and companies in Poland.
15 Sep 2021
A valuation of 221 companies has reached $1B before August 2021, we look at those countries and segments where these unicorns mainly come fr
9 Sep 2021
The third part of the START IN POLAND series will cover startups success stories and the fastest growing industries
8 Sep 2021
How to choose the right niche, which business areas are most in demand in 2021, how to start your own business without any investment.
6 Sep 2021
In the Angel Talks and Rusbase special we are going to talk about start-up studios. These are companies that take part in creating and launc
31 Aug 2021
START IN POLAND. Part 2: ventures, grants and national investment funds
What is the Polish venture capital market, what are the opportunities for raising public and private investments.
25 Aug 2021
The pros and cons of cryptocurrency investment
Should one invest in cryptocurrency? Gathered all pluses and minuses for you.
20 Aug 2021
€900 million investment in startups or the fastest growing East European startup ecosystem
It's time to reveal the secrets of the startup ecosystem of Poland.
18 Aug 2021
60 useful websites to find investors for your startup
We gathered 60 useful links to find investors for your startup. Enjoy!
16 Aug 2021
What are startup-studios and why are they the future
11 Aug 2021
Talking about the most preferred countries for startups
2 Aug 2021
What is happening to the digital therapy market now and what the future prospects are
28 Jul 2021
Detailed overview of all differences between startup studios and accelerators
28 Jul 2021
Veronica Shendo, the UX / UI manager at Blink agency, shared the best approach to building your brand and doing design
27 Jul 2021
Talking with the founder and owner of Powercode Vladislav Savchenko.
26 Jul 2021
Talk about trends, the FoodTech market in Russia and the world.
21 Jul 2021
Explaining how to get your organisation on goal
16 Jul 2021
How to test ideas quickly and productively 
6 Jul 2021
What are the advantages disadvantages of a startup over working in a regular company
2 Jul 2021
EdTech market overview
18 Jun 2021
Explore workable monetization schemes
11 Jun 2021
Talking about nuances in splitting up business
3 Jun 2021
We are wrapping up our “Technology of the Future” cycle
2 Jun 2021
Talking about nuances in splitting up business
27 May 2021
In our new series of articles, experts explain nuances in separating businesses
20 May 2021
How to apply Lean Startup methodology to your project.
19 May 2021
Talk about how ecosystem can help startups grow and save them from making mistakes
12 May 2021
Talking about technologies becoming mainstream in the 21st century: molecular biology and biotechnology.
30 Apr 2021
Talk about a fitness app with an unusual story and an unconventional approach.
16 Apr 2021
We keep going with our "Technologies of the Future" series
8 Apr 2021
Continuing our series of articles about the future, and today let's talk about professions.
6 Apr 2021
Gurucan CEO Timur Chernenko spoke about his product, their plans and the future of online education.
23 Mar 2021
Talking about who really needs their own community, how to work with it and take apart the cases of LEGO and Red Bull.
17 Mar 2021
Talking about how alpha use technology and what content they consume.
9 Mar 2021
Alexandra Johnson: No one is waiting for you in the Valley!
Silicon Valley venture investor shares her investing experience.
1 Mar 2021
Pitch deck for a startup presentation: core slides and their design
Telling about how to present your project.
26 Feb 2021
How The Untitled Ventures, one of the leaders of the Russian venture capital market, works
On the fund's focus, its projects and the situation on the Russian venture capital market.
24 Feb 2021
VC Mobile App, Tinder for Funds: How AIRR is Transforming the Traditionally Conservative Private Equity Industry
17 Feb 2021
Preparing a startup for an M&A deal in Belarus, Europe and the USA
Together with the lawyer at SBH Law Offices revealing the details of a startup's preparation for an M&A deal.
15 Feb 2021
Why funds have no future and how we can become investors
11 Feb 2021
Why and how should you invest in startups
Sharing a great guide to venture investing (find the link in the article)!
8 Feb 2021
Vasily Nikolaev. Investor’s discipline
On making investment decisions, finding good deals, evaluating founders and investment strategies.
2 Feb 2021
Corporate structuring for raising investment
How to get started, what documents should be drawn up, what to look for before raising investments.
1 Feb 2021
OpenBussines: how to turn people's purchases into analytics for companies
Talking about creation and promotion of the OpenBussiness startup.
28 Jan 2021
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ecosystem: beyond startups
Talking about how the startup ecosystem of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is being developed.
26 Jan 2021
Right in the head: self-limiting beliefs in business
Time to overcome the barriers in your head and start expressing your opinion.
19 Jan 2021
how to nail negotiations
About the formula of trust, typology of personalities and effective communications.
15 Jan 2021
 Power BI — service for processing and visualizing data.
Sharing interesting tips: about Power BI — service for processing and visualizing data.
13 Jan 2021
 the failure of Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos company
Genius or insane? Taking about the failure of Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos company.
11 Jan 2021
How a startup can build relationships with the media to get the maximum effect with minimum budget
We continue the series of articles on developing a PR strategy for a startup.
23 Dec 2020
Services for investment funds: what they are and how such software works
Talking about useful software for investment companies and the basics on how they work.
20 Dec 2020
EduDo startup
It's definitely worth-seeing: EduDo startup is available on App Store!
17 Dec 2020
Why you need a lawyer in venture deals, Vitaly Tvardovskiy
Vitaly Tvardovskiy on legal aid in early stage investments. 
17 Dec 2020
Angel Talks #6. Sergey Dashkov. Why should an investor join a syndicate
What are the syndicates and what advantages they give to investors?
14 Dec 2020
how to win over the market leader
About how to enter a stable market and beat competitors for a new project.
11 Dec 2020
Getting started with Amazon Web Services 2: building an MVP
How to develop an MVP with Amazon Web Services.
9 Dec 2020
Protection of intellectual property as an important intangible asset of an IT company
What you need to do to preserve intellectual property rights.
PharmBonus MedTech startup
Revealing all the secrets of PharmBonus MedTech startup.
SmartGateVC fund
The Managing Partner of the Fund Ambartsum Kahketsyan shared the insights about SmartGateVC. 
25 Nov 2020
Zoomers and politics
Together with Yury Shlaganov talking about attitude of Generation Z towards politics.
20 Nov 2020
Flint Capital venture fund
Managing Partner of Flint Capital about how the venture capital fund sees the startup market.
18 Nov 2020
Getting started with Amazon Web Services: programs for startups
The Founders Club team held an online event with an AWS representative in September, sharing the insights.
13 Nov 2020
Term sheet structure
Today we talked about Term sheet — a document that should be signed immediately after the investor expressed a desire to invest.
11 Nov 2020
Play your life: how Soberman helps people feel happier
About a virtual user tamagotchi avatar that can be made happy with simple actions in the real world.
5 Nov 2020
Context is the key to a product's success
A simple analysis of the context makes significant adjustments to predicting the success of the project. Why? Find out in the article!
2 Nov 2020
FLIIST startup
Talked about the essence of such business with startup CEO Boris Faktorovich.
30 Oct 2020
The startup ecosystem of Berlin
Revealing all the most interesting facts about startup ecosystem of Berlin.
29 Oct 2020
Sector X acceleration hub
CEO Andrey Komarovsky told us about how the Sector X acceleration hub works.
16 Oct 2020
Katya Kohen, partner of the 13 Ventures venture fund
Talked about how startups are selected for investment and what trends COVID-19 has brought.
12 Oct 2020
Startup Jedi talked to Maxim Miheyenko, co-founder and COO of 5518 Studios, about his experience interacting with startups.
7 Oct 2020
Instruments to validate product hypothesis
Today we will talk in detail about relevant instruments to validate product hypothesis.
5 Oct 2020
The neurobiology of Apple's success: how to manage consumer behavior
How to create value for your consumer? How to manage their behavior? We will answer these and many other questions today.
25 Sep 2020
Investor Bas Godska
In a new article we analyzed a part of the C.A.S.H.C.O.W. B.O.M.B.E.R. Want to take your marketing to the next level? Read now!
17 Sep 2020
EduDo startup raised investments
How did the guys manage to find money? Why did investors get interested in the startup? Find the answers in the article!
15 Sep 2020
How and why to create the board of directors: Legal implications
How to minimize the possibility of conflicts at the stage of creating the board of directors - expert opinion.
7 Aug 2020
Customer Journey Map: tools and approaches
In this article, we will have a look at what a CJM and its function is.
30 Jul 2020
Поколение Z
In this article, we will focus on mental state of generation Z
27 Jul 2020
EduDo satrtup
Telling about how EduDo - a platform for people who want to gain knowledge in various fields in the most convenient format, will work. 
20 Jul 2020
PatentBot startup
Natalia Vladimirova, CEO and startup co-founder, told us what the project is all about and how it is developing.
17 Jul 2020
Legal compliance for a startup
How to avoid bad scenarios and minimize legal risks for a new company.
13 Jul 2020
Top global crowdfunding platforms
What is crowdinvesting and how do the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world work?
3 Jul 2020
RBF Ventures 
Which projects can raise fund investments, how founders can distinguish toxic money from safe money, and what a startup should do to survive
22 Jun 2020
Medicalab App
Today we talked to the startup founders to find out what it’s like to work in such a complex niche.
17 Jun 2020

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