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Ryzhuk Anastasia

Anastasia works in a startup marketing sphere. She helps entrepreneurs to promote their products in digital, and works on personal branding for owners of international startups and large venture capital funds.

Professional experience: 8 years


Author's articles

In the final issue of the News Run we’ll talk about the brightest technologies of 2021 and the trends that influenced us and the market.
27 Dec 2021
The penultimate quick news this year, where we tell you about the latest news stories and interesting events in the world of technology.
20 Dec 2021
Weekly overview of startup news: cryptoblock, technologies, venture records, new rounds.
13 Dec 2021
News from the world of technology over the last week.
7 Dec 2021
An overview of the news of technology and the venture world.
29 Nov 2021
News review of the world of startups, technology, venture and cryptocurrencies.
15 Nov 2021
We are sharing the latest news on decentralized data storage.
11 Nov 2021
The closer the end of the year, the more news. Gathered a new harvest of the best!
8 Nov 2021
Intimatica, the first sex education app in the CIS, is available for download in the AppStore.
3 Nov 2021
Review of crypto and venture news over the past week.
1 Nov 2021
A new insight from Founders Club discussion groups — understand what and how influences motivation.
26 Oct 2021
Scandals, stocks, IPOs — fresh news about startups.
25 Oct 2021
Renewing news runs: this is what has happened in the tech world.
18 Oct 2021
An interview with Intimatica, a startup dedicated to sex education among teenagers and their parents.
15 Oct 2021
In this series of quick news: a map of unicorns, off-scale ratings and rounds, investments in startups near us and the opportunities for the
27 Sep 2021
The product is an HRTech-tool that promises to increase employee engagement and productivity.
24 Sep 2021
It became known that the startup of Belarusian entrepreneur Mikita Mikado PandaDoc closed round C with an estimate exceeding $1B.
22 Sep 2021
MY.GAMES, the gaming division of Group, has acquired a controlling stake of Mamboo Games.
21 Sep 2021
News review over the past week: AI concerns, crypts developments, new rounds.
20 Sep 2021
We review new funds, deals and rounds, as well as IPO news and even two start-up opportunities.
13 Sep 2021
The Belarusian startup Flo announced a new round: $50M with an estimate of $800M.
10 Sep 2021
First autumn news run this year: check out new rounds, deals, and tech news.
6 Sep 2021
The belarusian startup Synder has been selected for the well-known international accelerator Y Combinator.
31 Aug 2021
Deals, bans, rounds... Read an overview of venture market events over the past week.
30 Aug 2021
It's time to cover the main deals of the previous week. Let's go!
23 Aug 2021
Find out how an MVP differs from a prototype, what are the main functions of an MVP.
23 Aug 2021
Today we'll cover the deals of the season and news feeds of August. Let's go!
16 Aug 2021
New startup round from the world's largest venture capital fund
13 Aug 2021
Exciting news from venture capital markets
9 Aug 2021
Exciting news from 19 to 25 July
26 Jul 2021
Gameram may become No.1 social network for gamers
21 Jul 2021
Exciting news from 12 to 18 July
19 Jul 2021
Graduate of the 2018 Y Combinator accelerator raises new investment
14 Jul 2021
Exciting news from 5 to 11 July
12 Jul 2021
Wellbeing startup raises new investment
7 Jul 2021
Exciting news from 28 June to 4 July
5 Jul 2021
Exciting news from 21 to 27 June
28 Jun 2021
News from the venture capital market from 14 to 20 June
21 Jun 2021
Fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service raises investment
17 Jun 2021
News from the venture capital market from 7 to 13 June
14 Jun 2021
Zoomer banks raise new investment
10 Jun 2021
Deal which will create unified commercial ecosystem
8 Jun 2021
News from the venture capital market from 31 May to 6 June
7 Jun 2021
Exciting news from the venture capital market from 17 to 23 May
31 May 2021
A new hero on the “scene” of a rapid rise in valuation.
28 May 2021
Exciting news from the venture capital market from 17 to 23 May.
24 May 2021
How startups help other startups and become serious competitors in their niche
21 May 2021
News about startup invested in by Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman and Jay-Z
20 May 2021
Telling about the success of startup Moy Device
18 May 2021
Exciting news from the venture capital market from 10 to 16 May.
17 May 2021
Talking about how Broniboy is raising new investment
13 May 2021
Audio startups continue to conquer the world and raises new investment
12 May 2021
Exciting news from the venture capital market from 3 to 9 May
10 May 2021
Latest news from the cryptocurrency market
7 May 2021
Exciting news from the venture capital market from 26 April to 2 May
3 May 2021
Adventures Lab invests in Belarusian education startup EduDo
30 Apr 2021
Talking about the success of Belarusian startup after graduating from Y Combinator
28 Apr 2021
Already second startup, that develops products for hydrogen aviation, raises big investment
27 Apr 2021
Exciting news from 19 to 25 April
26 Apr 2021
Exciting news from 12 to 18 April
19 Apr 2021
Review details of the deal between RocketData and "2GIS"
18 Apr 2021
Hurry up to apply for the EMERGE CHALLENGE startup contest
15 Apr 2021
MTS has summarized the results of the sixth intake of its Accelerator.
14 Apr 2021
Talk about the success of Effa startup and the relevance of the ClimateTech field
13 Apr 2021
Exciting news from 5 to 11 April
12 Apr 2021
Telling the story of blockchain company TON Labs
8 Apr 2021
Exciting news from 29 April to 4 April
5 Apr 2021
Share the formula for creating a startup that would be bound  to success.
1 Apr 2021
One of the most important M&A deals in the IT world took place yesterday.
1 Apr 2021
Boolat Games has become a part of one of the world’s largest mobile game companies
30 Mar 2021
Talked about an extraordinary path of the fund with Sergey Bogdanov, founder and CEO of YellowRockets.
29 Mar 2021
Telling about how Linktree has evolved.
26 Mar 2021
Pavel Durov announced the sale of Telegram bonds.
24 Mar 2021
How a Ukrainian startup is conquering the international market
23 Mar 2021
Telling about how the surge in gaming activity helped the startup raises $52.5M.
18 Mar 2021
Hurry up to apply for the EMERGE CHALLENGE startup contest!
17 Mar 2021
EdTech start-up SchooLinks raises new investment.
16 Mar 2021
Influence Marketing Platform raises €1.2M in a crowdfunding round.
15 Mar 2021
HelloSelf, which is part of the new Digital therapeutics business, raises £5.5M in Series A financing.
12 Mar 2021
The customer communication platform has attracted new investments.
11 Mar 2021
The Ukrainian startup Preply raises an amount that is larger than all previous rounds combined.
10 Mar 2021
Release the unicorn: AppLovin helps developers find an audience and goes public.
5 Mar 2021
“Farmak” and Sector X Acceleration Hub are looking for MedTech startups, and also new solutions in the field of logistics and marketing.
3 Mar 2021
Latvian FinTech startup ZELF raises a huge pre-seed round.
26 Feb 2021
The story of the mental health startup or people with ADHD.
23 Feb 2021
AR cheat sheet: EduTech startup Photomatch raises $23M in a new round of funding
19 Feb 2021
Has the end of the App Store monopoly come? Artie has implemented games in your apps, for which it raised $10M
18 Feb 2021
VC Mobile App, Tinder for Funds: How AIRR is Transforming the Traditionally Conservative Private Equity Industry
17 Feb 2021
Connecting and earning: Circle community platform raises $4M
17 Feb 2021
The Jigsaw App: Its Crusade against Tinder and $3.7M investment
16 Feb 2021
2up and Powder startups are on the air! What are they notable for?
13 Feb 2021
How to make money on emotional burnout: the latest deals in the field of Mental Health
12 Feb 2021
How the changes in the perception of the new generation are changing the whole field of education
11 Feb 2021
EdTech startup raises new investment and seeks to solve one of the main problems of the current education system.
10 Feb 2021
The video platform raised new investment and doubled its overall valuation.
9 Feb 2021
TikTok's competitor Kuaishou is the largest IPO since 2019
5 Feb 2021
Latitude, developing AI-games with infinite storylines, raised $3.3 M of investments
5 Feb 2021
Quora of a new generation — investments in a Lynk startup. 
29 Jan 2021
Hot news on the shares of the GameStop electronics retail company.
28 Jan 2021
Details of new investments in the Opal application.
27 Jan 2021
Podcasts are a new trend of generation Z. Revealing the details.
20 Jan 2021

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