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Quick news №23

Monday, September 13, 2021

Maybe it's the weather, but today's run turned out to be purely a venture. We review new funds, deals and rounds, as well as IPO news and even two start-up opportunities. Let's go, because running warms you up!

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The co-founder of Gagarin Capital Partners, who sold his stake in the investment company a year ago, Nikolay Davydov, together with Marina Davydova, announced the launch of a new fund in partnership with Angel List. Investors and serial entrepreneurs informed that the new structure will operate in the rolling fund format, which is quite new for the industry. It implies that investors do not invest a one-time large amount, but quarterly contributions of a smaller volume. The fund is targeting startups using artificial intelligence led by experienced founders in the US market.

Another big and important piece of news from Russian entrepreneurs. Arsen Tomskiy, founder of the startup inDriver, revealed the details of the round, which took place earlier this year. The service has raised $150M in an estimated over $1B, making it a full-fledged unicorn.

The week as a whole pleased us with large rounds for interesting projects. So,, a company of Swiss-Ukrainian origin, raised $900,000. The money, among other things, will be used to launch its own NFT platform, as well as to strengthen the development team, most of which are located in Ukraine.

3DiVi, a developer of body and face tracking technologies, closed the round for ₽140M. The investor was the NTI venture fund managed by Kama Flow. The startup's solution helps, among other things, to create services for recognizing faces and human behavior, and the low-code foundation of the platform allows you to do this without involving IT specialists.

Another startup of Russian origin, a platform for creating voice robots for business Tomoru, announced the raising of ₽50M from Bragin&Co and private investor Son Karapetyan. At the same time, the overall valuation of the company reached ₽450M, and the team plans to become a unicorn and enter the Asian market.

To top it all, it became known that three Russian companies will decide on an IPO in the near future. The list includes “Delimobil” and “Cian”, which should appear on the stock exchange this fall, as well as “Vkusvill” and “SPB Exchange” with plans for this year and early next.

Two startup support programs will finish accepting applications in the near future —  it's worth hurrying. Until September 30, Green Tech Startup Booster awaits companies that work towards improving the environment and ensuring sustainable development. The motivation set is standard —  an opportunity to attract investments, quickly enter new markets and launch a pilot in one of the corporations, as well as mentoring and financial support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

And again Skolkovo, but now, together with the R-Pharm group of companies, they are looking for promising biotechnological developments of various stages. Until September 20, you can apply in order to take part in the competition with the opportunity to conclude a partnership agreement with a partner company. 

Have a productive week!

13 Sep 2021


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