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Nadezhda Yushkevich

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News from the world of technology over the last week.
7 Dec 2021
News review of the world of startups, technology, venture and cryptocurrencies.
15 Nov 2021
The closer the end of the year, the more news. Gathered a new harvest of the best!
8 Nov 2021
Intimatica, the first sex education app in the CIS, is available for download in the AppStore.
3 Nov 2021
Review of crypto and venture news over the past week.
1 Nov 2021
Scandals, stocks, IPOs — fresh news about startups.
25 Oct 2021
Renewing news runs: this is what has happened in the tech world.
18 Oct 2021
In this series of quick news: a map of unicorns, off-scale ratings and rounds, investments in startups near us and the opportunities for the
27 Sep 2021
The product is an HRTech-tool that promises to increase employee engagement and productivity.
24 Sep 2021
It allows you to manage the disparate data received in connection with the changed privacy policy from Apple this year.
23 Sep 2021
It became known that the startup of Belarusian entrepreneur Mikita Mikado PandaDoc closed round C with an estimate exceeding $1B.
22 Sep 2021
MY.GAMES, the gaming division of Group, has acquired a controlling stake of Mamboo Games.
21 Sep 2021
News review over the past week: AI concerns, crypts developments, new rounds.
20 Sep 2021
We review new funds, deals and rounds, as well as IPO news and even two start-up opportunities.
13 Sep 2021
The Belarusian startup Flo announced a new round: $50M with an estimate of $800M.
10 Sep 2021
First autumn news run this year: check out new rounds, deals, and tech news.
6 Sep 2021
The belarusian startup Synder has been selected for the well-known international accelerator Y Combinator.
31 Aug 2021
Deals, bans, rounds... Read an overview of venture market events over the past week.
30 Aug 2021
It's time to cover the main deals of the previous week. Let's go!
23 Aug 2021

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