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Belarusians in Y Combinator: how it “threatens” Synder

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The belarusian startup Synder has been selected for the well-known international accelerator Y Combinator. 

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At the end of June, we told you about a round of the Belarusian project Synder. The lead investor then was the TMT Investments fund, and in total the startup raised $2M. There is news!

The belarusian company has been selected for the well-known international accelerator Y Combinator. How does this threaten Synder? First of all, access to the radars of the largest investors: at the end of the three-month acceleration, a large demo day takes place. During the event, more than half a thousand investors view project presentations and decide on financing.

Yes, Y Combinator provides unique expertise during all work with startups inside the incubator, investing $125 000 in each for 7% of the company. But the demo day is the next step that can give Synder the opportunity to grow exponentially.

Recall that the project is developing a SaaS solution for automating accounting and business processes in the e-commerce field. In early June, Bulba Ventures and Civitta named Synder one of the most promising startups within the venture capital ecosystem of Belarus.

31 Aug 2021


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