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Leave Google to improve the productivity of teams: a startup of entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Russia raised $1.2M

Friday, September 24, 2021

The product is an HRTech-tool that promises to increase employee engagement and productivity.

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Performetry, a startup of entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Russia, raised the round by $1.2M. The investor was Igor Ryabenky's fund AltaIR Capital jointly with the venture club AltaClub. Top managers from Google, Cisco, LinkedIn, Facebook, Lyft, Uber and other tech giants also took part in the round.

Denis and Elena Grabchak were employees and area managers in the international offices of Google and Facebook. Having gained experience in working and managing large technology teams, today they offer the market their solution for effective office management at a "remote location".

HRTech-tool developed by Performetry, using a gamified virtual office, as well as in conjunction with mail, instant messengers and major work platforms, collects a massive amount of data. After analyzing the latter, both managers and heads of companies in real time can see the weak points of employee engagement and productivity —  “from the emotional state of employees to their involvement in work processes and communications.” The platform then makes recommendations based on research and the same data to improve productivity.

According to research by Deloitte, American companies —  and Performetry operates in the American market —  lose an average of $300B a year due to low employee engagement. Also, we are seeing a strong trend towards work with a qualitative increase in productivity: experts are starting to talk more, and companies are paying attention to the emotional state and involvement of employees. Thus, the chosen market and focus have already given Performetry strong customers from large technology teams, and in the future will help to expand the customer base with good performance and service level.

24 Sep 2021


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