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Quick News №25

Monday, September 27, 2021

In this series of quick news: a map of unicorns, off-scale ratings and rounds, investments in startups near us and the opportunities for them. Go!

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Let's start with the news from successful companies in the venture capital system. We have already told you how to build a startup unicorn, but HSE University experts analyzed the data from Crunchbase and CB Insights and found out how they are distributed across the world map. By the middle of this year, most of them are located in the USA (441) and China (253), and San Francisco is the leader in the list of cities. If you are wondering what kind of “unicorns” appeared only this year —  do not miss our article.

Time to tell the news to those who already have this proud status. So, the Discord platform raised $500M, thereby doubling its last estimate —  to $15B. Recall that the explosive growth of the company was caused by a pandemic, during which the platform expanded its audience from gaming to wider.

Speaking of gamers and unicorns, French startup Sorare, which is developing an NFT-based fantasy football platform, raised $680M in Round B for a $4.3B valuation. We talked about $50M in Round A in February. It took the startup a little over six months to raise more than 10 times more investment.

A little about smaller amounts, but no less significant, we are talking in the context of startups that are closer to us geographically. For example, the Belarusian startup Salo raised $600,000 in a pre-seed round. The Ukrainian fund Adventures Lab acted as the lead investor, and the bulk of the funds will be directed to the technical improvement of the application. The latter allows you to record the user and their interaction with the content on the screen or in the environment —  a great solution for bloggers who specialize in reviews.

But the Russian startup Pointer not only helps companies to track and work with data about themselves in search engines and on maps, but also automatically respond to reviews, but also raised ₽40M for the development of its service. By the way, the analytical company Dsight presented the results of the study of the Russian venture capital market: the amount of investments in Russian startups exceeded $1B —  a record! And the number of transactions increased by 20% compared to last year.

If you are also a part of the Russian venture capital market, you can familiarize yourself with the new information platform with which you can learn more about how to attract investors to your project. Choose the type of investor, immediately get his contact, a checklist with basic questions or a selection of literature. And if you yourself are an investor, you can find out where to invest in 2021 and how to assess the risks and work with them.

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27 Sep 2021


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