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Quick News №14

Monday, July 5, 2021

We have run, we have run, but we are not tired at all, because this is Quick News that only requires a willingness to learn a little more about the world of technology and venture.

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AI in the service of programmers! GitHub has partnered with OpenAI to launch GitHub Copilot, a product that analyses code in real-time and then suggests suitable lines and functions. Another use for AI has been found by developers from Uploadcare: they have recently launched a service called Pixelhunter, which detects an object in a photo and resizes the image for the selected social network.

From artificial intelligence to blockchain leap. June was a sad month for bitcoin and Ether miners: their revenues halved. Quotes are falling, and with them, so are the revenues of the cryptocurrency enthusiast. The former is not a surprise, they are also affected by strict restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities on coin mining. Online broker Robinhood also reported losses: the trading company filed for an initial public offering on the NASDAQ exchange. Their filing revealed that revenue for the first quarter of this year was up: $522M on the back of a $1.4B loss.

Remember, there was such a thing as NFT? How about buying the internet code in the form of NFT? Tim Berners-Lee, the very creator of the World Wide Web, thanks to whom, among others, you are reading this post, sold part of the World Wide Web (WWW) source code for $5.43M at a Sotheby’s auction. The code was presented as an NFT lot, and the gift comes with a letter from Berners-Lee, a 30-minute rendering of the code and a digital poster.

Combining news about AI and NFT art, here’s a story about Prequel Venture Studio. Prequel Venture Studio is an initiative of Prequel project founders, founded in 2018. The Venture Studio will support startups in the fields of AI and visual arts, investing $10M in them annually. You can apply now.

And if you fancy a distraction from the whole endless race for success, try meditation. Just the other day, the Moe: Meditation and Sleep, an app from Russian funders, raised $1M. The investors include Group co-founder and a group of business angels. The terms of the deal and the company’s valuation were not disclosed. So, it’s not without success here either.

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