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Eleonora Sklyarevskaya

Eleonora Sklyarevskaya

Release the unicorn: AppLovin helps developers find an audience and goes public.
5 Mar 2021
Отличные возможности для стартапов: компания «Фармак» продлевает работу с Sector X
3 Mar 2021
AR cheat sheet: EduTech startup Photomatch raises $23M in a new round of funding
19 Feb 2021
Has the end of the App Store monopoly come? Artie has implemented games in your apps, for which it raised $10M
18 Feb 2021
Connecting and earning: Circle community platform raises $4M
17 Feb 2021
The Jigsaw App: Its Crusade against Tinder and $3.7M investment
16 Feb 2021
How to make money on emotional burnout: the latest deals in the field of Mental Health
12 Feb 2021
How the changes in the perception of the new generation are changing the whole field of education
11 Feb 2021

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