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$5M investment in memes on the blockchain power: raises financing after a month of life

Friday, June 4, 2021

Startup Jedi

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We have saved the news for Friday, which has all the charm and surrealism of these days. It brought together trends, mainstream culture, venture capital and technology. What came out was a deal where, a platform dedicated to meme markets and trend research, raised $5M. So far it sounds casual, but we’ll add details of the project and the deal.

The service was founded last month and allows users to produce meme tokens based on the perceived value (perceived value) of the trend or meme they represent. The best memes of the month, selected by the community, receive awards, including unique works of NFT art.

“We believe that humor and memes can bring people together and create a unique shared experience, united by a shared culture. Memes are the lingua franca on the internet, and is the marketplace with which the conversation begins,” — says project co-founder Matthias Tirberg.

Several blockchain-focused funds as well as business angels took part in the round. “We believe that memes and meme markets like are a promising and innovative way to empower users who find or create trends,” comments Joanna Liang, head of investments at Digital Finance Group. “We really hope will uniquely push the boundaries of memes, NFT and digital art as the sector continues to evolve.”


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