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Quick News #12

Monday, June 21, 2021

Let’s get into a comfortable position — and start exercising our news “muscles”. Today’s special focus is on loading up on interesting deals. Let’s go!

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The further into the year — the more records. The South Korean developer of the popular game PUBG is set to raise $5B in its upcoming IPO, and if it does, it will be a record sum for the South Korean stock market. We have noted many times that the online gaming market is an attractive one for investors. Now let’s see if PUBG can beat its predecessor’s record!

Other records by this hour are blockchain ones. During the first quarter of this year, $500M worth of video cards were bought. That’s 700 000 cards themselves and 25% of total global sales. Experts note that the authors of the purchases are cryptocurrency miners and speculators, who then resell the video cards. If you are interested in learning more about how blockchain mechanics work, check out our new article.

Moving on to the promised deals! Ultra-light rocket engine developer Promin Aerospace has raised $500 000 in a Pre-seed round, with QPDigital investing in the Ukrainian startup. The company’s solution will make it ten times cheaper to launch rockets into orbit and suborbital, and the founders are counting on cooperation with international corporations.

From space technology to Earth technology. Qmarketing Academy, a Russian EduTech platform with a focus on marketing, design and PR courses, has raised $550 000. Genesis Investments was the investor and the terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is known that the funds will be used to enter the South-East Asian market, where courses will be launched specifically for the local market.

Synder, a FinTech startup from Belarus, received $2M in financing following a Late-seeded round by lead investor TMT Investments. The developer provides a SaaS solution for the accounting and business process automation of e-commerce. Founded in 2019, today the company is among the top-ranked applications of its segment in the market.

The OnlyFans service is on the lookout for investment, which will raise $1B according to the company’s estimate. The project’s reputation is not an unequivocal one, which hampers fundraising. But if it succeeds, the platform could get a second life in the form of a new audience and a new image.

If you wonder what is happening in the world of hardcore startups, have a look at the winners of Vernadsky Challenge 2021, who compete for the ₴2M prize fund. A great chance to follow the trends in the world of not only software!

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21 Jun 2021


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