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Demium Startups, an international startup incubator, is waiting for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and teams at the business hackathon

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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Until April 12 you can become a participant of AllStartup business hackathon, pass the selection process and join the programme of Demium Startups, an international startup incubator. It supports both full-fledged startups and individual entrepreneurs — it helps to find a co-founder, turn an idea into a working business model and provide seed investment.

To join the programme, you will need to submit an application form on the event’s website, outlining your background and motivation for launching or rolling out your project. If you are successful in the interview you will be invited to the three-day business hackathon AllStartup, during which, in addition to the rich programme, you will also get the chance to be selected to the incubator. 

The organisers accept startups at the idea testing or MVP stage and promise access to the market and venture capital community, as well as experience and help in achieving goals and obtaining first funding. Entrepreneurs are offered not only mentorship and support for their project, but also an initial investment of €100 000 from the incubator’s partner fund.

Demium Startups partner fund plans to invest €100 000 in more than 200 startups over the next 3 years and reserve an additional 37.5% of the fund for later investment of up to €500 000.

You can apply on the programme’s website.



31 Mar 2021


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