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Startup Jedi has created and is now ready to present the formula for 100% startup success

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Startup Jedi

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Startup Jedi has created and is now ready to present the formula for 100% startup success

For a long time our team kept secret its biggest and most important project: the formula for creating a startup that would be bound to success.

We involved only a chosen group of media people, who had passed a long selection process. We worked mostly at night, behind locked doors in back offices, and signed a nondisclosure agreement so that the media would not leak news about our main project.

Furthermore, we engaged well-known specialists, researchers of the venture system: the team was international, and we selected experts according to strict criteria for evaluating their qualifications.

In order to get a reliable and complete result, we have analyzed all the startups existing today: we collected terabytes of information, which required the development of a separate storage and processing system.

And now we are ready.

Here is the formula for a 100% successful startup:

Here is the formula for a 100% successful startup

t = luck factor
X = strong team, united by common values
E = current business idea
Y = ambition and motivation for development

If you think that there are too many undefined variables in the formula, you are absolutely right.

We would like to be able to predict business success of a case and reduce it to a simple formula. But that’s impossible, especially in the venture world: it’s complex, often chaotic, but it never ceases to surprise and inspire us to move forward and learn new things.

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