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Cappasity platform raises $2.1M: How 3D content multiplies conversion rates

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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Today, 3D content is used in various industries, from art to e-commerce. In e-commerce, for example, it can increase conversion rates: 3D images increase a customer’s intent to buy by 29%. Due to the user’s interactive interaction with such content, their time spent on the product page increases, which affects, among other things, the product’s visibility in searches.

Cappasity recently raised $2.1M in funding from private investors for the development and international integration of its 3D content platform, 3DShot, one of the company’s key products. Among other things, this means team expansion, new tools and business activities.

3DShot is what enables sellers and partners to create 3D models of their products for customers to use. As well as increasing conversions, it also reduces return rates, as the customer has a greater understanding of the product before they buy it. “Immersive content brings the experience of online shopping closer to the real thing, which contributes not just to stimulating sales, but also to forming an informed customer choice, saving time for both sellers and customers,” notes Konstantin Popov, CEO of Cappasity.

Today, Cappasity cooperates with major brands, including the luxury segment, and has also recently integrated into one of Russia’s largest D2C marketplaces, Yarmarka Masterov.

26 May 2021


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