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Rocket DAO ecosystem

Andrew Miroshnichenko

Henadzi Koltun
The author of the Rocket DAO startup evaluation methodology Henadzi Koltun tells about the peculiarities of conveying startup Due Diligence
13 Feb 2020
How to value a startup
New interview with the author of the financial model and risks evaluation methodologies on the Rocket DAO platform!
 Community of experts in venture evaluation
The last part of the article by Head of experts Rocket DAO Andrei Miroshnichenko about the future of expert communities.
New interview with expert: how a startup should search for the right staff and with what team to start off?
Future of the experts communities. Part 2
Experts Rocket DAO Andrew Miroshnichenko shares his opinion about specific features of expert communities in our new article!
25 Sep 2019
A. Drobyshevski
About marketing of a startup,ecosystem-based approach to the market and hypothesis testing tools - in a new interview with Rocket DAO…
19 Sep 2019
The Future of Expert Communities. Part 1
Head of Experts Rocket DAO Andrew Miroshnichenko about how the role of expert communities has been changing in history.
13 Sep 2019
Product distribution
What approaches are there allowing describe business models? What should a startups pay attention to planning to grow?
Product evaluation Andrew Kuryan
Does the disruptive product really exist, who is responsible for it in the team and what do investors pay attention to?
Media of liquidity
Media of liquidity is a kind of a media-mask of the liquid assets which involve other users in their operations. Here are the details.
10 Jul 2019
Crowd due diligence
If many people become investors today with the crowd-investing technologies, then many people must conduct evaluation of the startups.
10 Jul 2019
unicorn startup
High time to lift the veil of secrecy and explain how startups should get prepared for fundraising.
winning startup teams
Is experience of the team members a the success factor for a startup?
successful product
Basic startup strategies include the creation of a business for income generating and selling technological solutions. Which one to choose?
Disruptive business model
Business model should be evaluated on its value creation schema, value proposition potential and costs structure.

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