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Ukrainian startup developing smart crutch attachments, ComeBack Mobility, raises $1M in Seed financing

Thursday, July 15, 2021

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Ukrainian startup ComeBack Mobility raises $1M in Seed financing. The project is engaged in the development of smart crutch attachments and was supported by venture capital fund Fison, pharma company Farmak, Pyotr Chernyshov and a number of unnamed business angels and investors.

The development of ComeBack Mobility aims to help and support people experiencing rehabilitation as a result of musculoskeletal injuries. Virtually all the devices are assembled in Ukraine, except for a few parts from China.

The attachment has a special sensor connected to a mobile app. The sensor detects the weight of the support and sends the data to the mobile device, where the program already calculates the load on the affected leg. It then gives you a clue as to whether to step on it more or less. This will improve the rehabilitation of the affected limb.

The device is currently at the stage of clinical trials in Ukraine together with doctors. The funds will be used to produce 10 000 crutch extensions and, in the future, to develop a product line for the rehabilitation of people with hand injuries.

15 Jul 2021


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