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Accelerators, piloting and investment: opportunities for startups in June

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Startup Jedi

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In summer everything around is alive and well, and venture capital echoes nature: this month several major opportunities for startups have opened.

The company YellowRockets, together with its partners, is launching the Foodtech Russia Accelerator. FoodTech startups at the finished MVP stage and above are invited to participate, but the startup profile will not be strictly limited. The organizers define FoodTech broadly: logistics, e-commerce, automation — anything that will help the Accelerator's partner companies to improve their business processes.

Participation in the Foodtech Russia Accelerator is free, and a tracking programme and special educational content will also be available for startups. At the end, projects with a finished product and sales will be able to conclude an agreement to launch pilots with partner corporations. Applications will be accepted until 30 July.

Another profile accelerator, already in the field of Artificial Intelligence, was launched by MTS Corporation. The participant's gentleman's kit includes support from experts of the MTS Artificial Intelligence Centre and foreign mentors, access to #CloudMTS, as well as an opportunity to launch a pilot on the basis of the centre and receive investments of up to $100 000.

The organizers have selected the following areas within the AI theme: natural language processing, creating digital twins, edge computing, image recognition and processing, and others. To view the full list and to apply, visit the programme's website. The launch is scheduled for September.

And if you're planning to scale to the U.S. market, a platform from U.S. cybersecurity startup G-71 Inc. The Icansellproject will help you create a Sales Kit, and engage US sales professionals on an agency basis.

In this way, the platform allows the startup to secure a local sales person for a percentage of sales. The mutual benefit of participation in the process for both sales managers and startups makes Icansell an "Uber for sales", as Sergei Voinov, CEO of G-71 Inc. calls the project.

Technology startups are broadly welcome at Tinkoff. They promise to integrate their solutions into the bank's ecosystem if the projects can attract new users, monetize products and services, create new engaging products and services and optimize processes.

The company promises to help test ideas and further scale the project, pilot the idea, and eventually buy the most interesting solutions in case of their strategic value for the company.

Good luck to all potential participants!

24 Jun 2021


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