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Being 18 and directly in touch with Amazon: US company praises Harmix —app by student from Kyiv

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Amazon experts praise the startup of Kyiv student Nazar Ponochevny. They claim that Harmix may repeat the success of its Ukrainian colleague, Reface. They backed up their confidence with a $13 000 grant.

Harmix principle is very simple: a neural network analyses objects in the video, recognizes them and the video mood, and then picks up the music. This significantly simplifies the task of video content creators and reduces their work time, which is already appreciated by video bloggers around the world.

About 20% of Harmix’s nearly 5 000 users come from other countries — the UK, Spain, the US, Turkey and Iran. The project is monetized through a monthly subscription to a Telegram chatbot, which is the current prototype of the development.

Funding from an investment fund of $30 000 was raised at the Pre-seed stage, with another $25 000 from the Ukrainian Startup Fund. The agreements with Amazon will allow Harmix to host data on the company’s servers, which gives the app global potential. Among potential clients, the young funder mentions not only TikTok bloggers, who already use the development, but also film studios and composers — anyone who deals with music and video.

29 Jun 2021


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