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₽3.5M to pilot projects: MTS supports the best graduates of its Accelerator

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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MTS has summarized the results of the sixth intake of its Accelerator. The company plans to spend more than ₽3M on testing the theories of the graduates’ startups.
This is the third stage of the MTS StartUp Hub program, which ended on 26 March. It was preceded by 2 months of work in the Accelerator, which included practical master classes, work with trackers, and feedback from experts. It ended not only with compensation in the form of ₽200 000 for participation, but also with a Demo Day with the participation of external experts and MTS top managers.
Large industrial corporations and the “Medsi” chain of clinics joined the next stage of implementing technologies developed by startups. The company selected two FinTech startups for MTS Bank’s own structure: a business process automation platform (Sherpa RPA) and a fast b2b payment service (Seeneco).
Moreover, several projects were selected for joint pilot programs, including a platform for digitization of smart city systems and a platform for fixing power outages, AI solutions for the transport industry, a transport security system, and a rapid call service for wreckers. MTS will cover the costs of launching “internal” pilots for its own divisions on its own: ₽3.5M will be allocated for this purpose.
The “Medsi” chain of clinics selected three resident solutions for the program: a mobile app for pregnant women and parents of children under 3 years old, AI skin health screening and a system for automation of data collection from various measuring devices.
The next stage of the program is piloting the selected projects, which will last for 3 months. Participants will have access to MTS cloud services and co-working space, as well as individual work with business customers to refine the product. In the case of a successful pilot project it is possible to conclude a contract for long-term cooperation.
In this case, the selected projects move on to the scaling stage “under the wing” of MTS, which means the possibility of contracts, investments, license purchases, M&A deals, partner sales and hiring into the company itself.

14 Apr 2021


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