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Belarus's Loóna wins Apple's best app design award: Who to follow in the country's startup ecosystem

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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No matter what anyone says, rankings allow us to navigate a huge amount of anything. And the more reputable a source compiles these very rankings, the more interesting it is to look at the sample result. After all, the world today offers a huge amount of information, among which the experts select the most important and appropriate by specific criteria.

Thus, Bulba Ventures and Civitta compiled their own rating of promising startups whose team and/or founders have Belarusian roots. These projects have not yet raised the A round, but they are already showing rapid growth. For example, on the list you can find marketing platform Easy Bloggers, which was in the top 5 most popular on Product Hunt last year. You can find their latest interview with the guys here. The ranking is part of this year’s research on Belarus’ startup ecosystem. We advise you to take a look!

The ranking includes, among others, the app Loóna. The sleep app, backed by the MSQRD development team (bought by Facebook Corporation in 2016), is a frequent guest in all sorts of authoritative rankings. The Google app of the year 2020, Loóna won the Design Awards 2021 from Apple a couple of days ago.

Each year, the corporation selects the top ten apps in terms of design from developers around the world. The Belarusian development was named the best in the Visuals and Graphics category. “Every aspect of its interface — type, color, animation and 3D content — has been carefully designed to give a soothing experience,” says the award website.

15 Jun 2021


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