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Invest Bot by Rocket DAO — a chatbot in Telegram for startup founders and investors

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Startup Jedi

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Rocket DAO ecosystem

In 2020, Rocket DAO has become a full-fledged ecosystem for venture market players, which currently includes:

  • — an international investment club for business angels and early-stage venture funds. In the beginning of the month, crossed the 100 participants mark and reported on attracting the first international partners (see the figures and graphs in this article). And in less than a month, the number of investors in the club has increased to 110, including 2 new international partners — both coming from Russia.
  • Founders Club —  a platform helping startups grow and raise investments. Founders Club’s tools, including our new product — pitches and startup cases in the video format — help founders develop their projects using our traction reporting system and present their progress to investors, allow them to get mentoring support and pass an evaluation by VC analysts. The pipeline of the platform, which was launched only in July 2020, now includes 70 startups: currently we are actively working with 30 projects. We have already helped 6 startups to raise the first investments in the total amount of $380 000, and also evaluated 5 startups with the help of VC Funds analysts.
  • Startup Jedi — an online media about startups, VC and investments. In our bilingual media we publish the most interesting and relevant news, interviews, analytical researches about the VC market and startups. We launched the website in April 2020, and during this time, we have achieved excellent results: we have published more than 150 materials, the total coverage of our articles today reaches 200 000 views per month (in all our present 7 social networks profiles), and the growth is 35% from month to month. 
  • — a marketplace and an online database of startups, investors and experts. This is an online platform needed for digitizing the interactions of key players of the venture market. Now there are 300+ startups, 200+ experts and 150+ investors present on the website.

Four products — it is pretty much, isn’t it? But we decided to go further!


What is Invest Bot?

In order to support, simplify interactions and automate our products, today we are launching Invest Bot by Rocket DAO — a chat bot in Telegram.

Our bot will introduce you to the ecosystem of Rocket DAO and its elements, to the best startups, will help you join and Founders Club and will explain how we can  assist you with raising investments!

The bot is designed primarily for startup founders and investors. However, anyone can also use it and “plunge” into the exceptional world of Rocket DAO to better understand how all the elements of our ecosystem work together.

Ready to start? Then steps are as follows (but the bot is in Russian only):  

  • Go to Telegram and enter Invest Bot by Rocket DAO in the search field, or simply follow the link;
  • Start the bot by clicking the /start button;
  • Complete 4 simple steps — and you are in the Rocket DAO ecosystem.

Our chatbot is in the learning mode, we will be very grateful for your feedback to make our products even more understandable and useful for you. Please send us to all the questions, suggestions and ideas you might have about the bot. We promise to respond to everyone. Thank you for being with us!

May the venture be with you!

21 Oct 2020


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