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Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Less than 6 months ago we in Rocket DAO launched an international investment club for business angels and venture funds at early stages — To date, 48 business angels, 44 venture funds (53 their representatives to be more precise), 4 accelerators and 8 representatives of different BANs are registered in the club.

We have gathered all the stats about club's members and are now ready to share a detailed report with you.


Venture funds and business angels 

So, what are these 44 funds that are members of the club? Let's have a look at the numbers:

  • Location:

Europe — 38%

USA — 25%

Russia — 33%
  • Average check:

<$200K: 27%

$200K - $500K: 33%

$500K+ : 40%
  • TOP 5 startup industries that were invested by funds:

FinTech — 23%
SaaS — 19%
DeepTech — 13%
EdTech — 11%
E-commerce — 11%

  • Stages of invested startups:

Pre-seed — 21%

Seed — 46%

Series A+ — 33%

Now, let's have a look at 48 active business angels and individual investors:

  • Location:

Europe — 50%

USA— 18%

Russia — 32%
  • Average check:

$5K - $50K — 47%

$50K - $100K — 31%

$100K — 22%

  • TOP 5 startup industries that were invested by investors:

SaaS — 15%
EdTech — 8%
DeepTech — 8%
FinTech — 6%
AI — 6%


Partners of the club 

We also launched a regional affiliate program in the club: we are sure that no one knows a startup ecosystem better than its local representative. Today is represented by partners in 4 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus.

Our partners:

  • Supplement the Rocket DAO pipeline with software startups at Pre-seed / Seed stages with b2c or b2b2c business models;

  • Attract investors;

  • Leading deals for projects in active stages of fundraising.

We are always open for new partnerships and are ready to consider any kind of cooperation. In the near future, we're planning to look for partners from San Francisco, Poland and Israel.

For all questions of cooperation, partnership or requests to join the club, drop an email to or club's manager Anna directly to Telegram @annmast.


Active deals

For now has 5 open deals that are currently fundraising:

  1. Easy Bloggers — is a full-cycle influencer marketing platform that automates work with influencers.
  • №1 Product of the Month на Product Hunt;

  • Launched a pilot with 250 agencies. Gameloft, ООН, R:TA, AGW are among them. 

  1. GamePad is a gaming platform in the Telegram messenger that does not require downloads or registrations. The platform offers a solution to the key problems of game studios: a new market for increasing traffic.
  • Partnerships with Parimatch and VK;

  • CAC <2 cents ($).

  1. DealApp is a cloud-based platform for quality control, communication assessment and employee training.
  • 41 b2b clients, among them are Yandex.Taxi, 5th element, Delimobil, Citymobil.

  1. Human is a mobile app for mental health with interactive life stories and commentary from psychotherapists. In an entertaining format, it helps people to cope with difficulties and become psychologically stable.
  1. Perk-CARD is an HR platform for creating unique benefit programs that improve employee experience.
  • 11 clients including Alfa-Bank, Mapbox, Flo,, Apalon, Oxagile, Gazprom

Got interested in one of the startups? Do you want to have access to our startups' pipeline and receive regular traction reports of most success of projects? — leave a request on the website and we will contact you.
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1 Oct 2020


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