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Startup marketing: so different and so necessary

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Startup Jedi

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Hi there! Today we want to touch upon a topic that no startup can escape from. Of course, we’re talking about marketing and content creation. Today, almost any startup has every opportunity to become the market leader in its niche, but only if it chooses the right marketing strategy and tools. “Transparent” marketing, built on close communication between a startup and its customers and a sincere desire to be useful to them, will give the startup that necessary leap at the start and, of course, will attract the attention of investors to it.

We have plenty articles on this topic in our “Education” section, but today we want to share the top 3 that are definitely worth reading:


Performance-based marketing how to get a return on every cent invested in advertising budgets

The advertising budget may be a significant part of the entire project budget, but will the strategy work, and will the customers come?

To save money, many teams try to smooth out the risk of “draining” the budget and search for customers manually. We don’t argue — this is a working option, but only at first. The point of a startup is to grow and scale quickly, and for this, the manual search team’s efforts alone are not enough.

Hold on, we found the way out. Talked about it in the article.


Content marketing what it is and every startup needs it 

Content marketing began to gain popularity with the advent of the Internet, and all of us have faced this thesis at least once in their lives. Today, content marketing is one of the leading forms of online marketing that creates brand awareness through content distribution. In practice, the variety of tasks performed includes working with the company’s website, maintaining accounts in social networks and interaction with the mass media.

If you manage to produce quality content that your audience cares about on a regular basis, your business will get not only clients, but also clients-fans who will be protecting you and promoting among their friends.

The benefits that content marketing can potentially bring to you and your startup is invaluable. Read about all life hacks here.


UGC   Content that produces itself and brings clients

Nearly everyone working with product promotion knows that content is the king of marketing. How to promote a product without causing rejection from the audience? The answer is simple — through the audience itself. 

It might sound surprising but in recent years almost all successful brands have been using this method. They promote the product through user generated content, also known as UGC. What it is and how to work with it? Read now!


10 Jun 2021


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