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EMERGE 2020: Why is it worth joining the Best Online Conference in the New East Region

Thursday, May 21, 2020

EMERGE is an international technical conference about global products, new technologies and venture trends. The first conference was held in Minsk in 2018 having laid a good tradition to annually gather promising startups of the New East region, the best technical minds of Europe and investors from all over the world in one place. In 2020 the event will gather more than 100 specialists from global corporations at the level of Coursera, Facebook, Dropbox, MIT Technology Review, Miro and more than 100 investors from funds, including Atomico, Flint Capital, Hoxton Ventures, Draper Associates, TA Ventures and others.

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In light of the pandemic in 2020, the conference will be held in an online format on June 1–3.

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The program will consist of streams of speakers with an emphasis on audience questions, workshops, mentoring sessions and other formats for networking. EMERGE will bring together more than 80 speakers. During the conference, there will be 3 streams: the main FUTURE, the one for startups - UNICORN and a product one BUILD & GROW.


Stream FUTURE will be held under the #LIFE tag and will be available for free viewing. The theme of the stream is the world after the pandemic. Among the stage speakers, there is Tommy Campbell, an expert of IKEA SPACE10 Innovation Lab in Copenhagen. He will talk about spatial computing and how this technology will change the concept of a home in the future. A speech by Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, is dedicated to Silicon Valley. In particular, it helps us deal with global problems: climate change, infrastructure development and, of course, the pandemic. According to Mr. Lichfield, the situation with COVID-19 has accelerated, and now there are other regional opportunities that new central developers and opportunities have.


This year, 16 speakers will perform at the BUILD & GROW digital venue: product managers, product designers, technical consultants and engineers from companies such as Netflix, Tesla, SoundCloud, TransferWise, Farfetch, Google, Facebook, NVIDIA, Dropbox who live in USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain. Experts are not only professional speakers who speak constantly, but also practitioners who are well known in their field. In the speeches, they will focus on their personal experience.


UNICORN Stream and workshops will also be available for free. In this case, representatives of the startup ecosystem, venture investors and founders of well-known startups will take part in it. For example, the founder of Miro who raised $ 50 million in exchange.

An important part of the conference is the EMERGE CHALLENGE startup competition with a prize fund of € 10,000. EMERGE CHALLENGE partners this year are the American venture fund Flint Capital, which has been supporting the competition for the third year in a row, contractor, telecom operator MegaFon (manufacturers have a Sandbox — a platform for testing technical solutions), VTB Bank (the company has successful experience in working with startups — it launched 32 pilot projects in 1.5 years) and Chivas, which offered a special nomination for startups based on social topics and a prize of $ 1,000.

In addition, the Belarusian network of business angels named Angels Band has collected a syndicate and intends to invest € 50,000 in a startup that it will like (not necessarily Belarusian). The syndicate will be attended by 10 most active members of the network. Vlad Radkevich, Alexander Shkel, Sergey Sinkevich, Alex Golod, Sasha Podgorny, Denis Beloglazov, Pavel Tsarikov are among them. The lead investor will be Kirill Golub, a participant of the main Angels Band deals.

“Pandemic, isolation, crisis — the global economy is not going through the easiest period,” says Cyril Golub, business angel and co-founder of the Angels Band network. “It is the best time to invest. No matter where to (t is significant that in the stock market the most profitable trading days are always after the deepest recessions). This applies for venture investors who think not for months, but for years, knowing that the result of investments will not appear before 5–7 years”.

Also during the conference will be Venture Night — a closed stream specifically for investors. Tim Draper is the founder of several investment funds: Draper Associates and DFJ. Among his investments are Twitch, Skype, Tesla, Coinbase, Robinhood, SpaceX and others. During the Venture Night, a well-known investor will share his opinion on what awaits the venture industry in the future and answers to participants’ questions.


During the conference will be Venture Night — a closed stream specifically for investors. Tim Draper, one of the pioneers of the venture capital industry, an investor from Silicon Valley, who founded several investment funds: Draper Associates and DFJ, will deliver a speech. Among his investments: Twitch, Skype, Tesla, Coinbase, Robinhood, SpaceX and others. During Venture night, a well-known investor will share his opinion about the future of the venture industry and will answer questions from participants.

What is more, Peter Cowley, President of EBAN, the European network of business angels (invested in 70+ companies, return on investment — 107x) will be at the conference.

During EMERGE, a large number of networking activities are planned so that participants will be comfortable making new friends. There will even be a street with online bars :)

A full schedule of scenes / streams / workshops is already available on the conference website . Hurry up to get your ticket to the best technology conference!

21 May 2020


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