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Easy Bloggers raised investments from and became the Product of the Month on Product Hunt

Monday, June 1, 2020

Easy Bloggers is a full-cycle influencer marketing platform that automates interaction with opinion leaders. You can quickly and accurately find suitable bloggers for your advertising campaign and get a ready-made media plan with a forecast of coverage and payback – all in one place. The solution presents the widest range of functionality in the world of influencer marketing today. More detailed description of the project is presented in this article.

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For this month, the startup has two important achievements: the project raised the first part of the Pre-Seed round investment from participants of the investment community and also received the title of Product of the Month on Product Hunt! But first things first. was created for business angels and venture funds who are actively investing in early-stage startups. For the Club members, we regularly send startups’ traction reports from the Rocket DAO pipeline, their reports with an assessment of 4 parameters (product, market, business model, team) from the venture fund analyst and publish announcements about the beginning of fundraising. If you also want to receive club materials, subscribe to


What is Easy Bloggers about?

The startup team creates a one-entry point for advertisers who want to work with bloggers. It is possible to compare Easy Bloggers with Booking to some extent. Both companies guide the client through the thorns of the disorderly market: from the selection of a performer to satisfaction from services rendered.

Easy Bloggers platform was launched as a service that enables automatic media planning for advertising campaigns. This is what the platform’s target audience needs most. Eugene Rozhko, the CEO of the startup, meanwhile says that the automatic construction of media plans is just the beginning.


Investments in the project

In mid-April the project raised its first investment — from the American business angel — as a part of the Pre-Seed round.

We are building a full-service influencer marketing platform that enables not only to select bloggers, but also to negotiate with them future cooperation, execute the necessary documents, receive a detailed results report and make payment with a guarantee of transaction security, — told us Evgeny Rozhko.

The team completed the platform’s first part — functionality of media plan development — thanks to the investment from one of the Belarusian business angels. It has also attracted funds from the accelerator Launch Me and won the first battle.

These funds helped Easy Bloggers to create an automatic analytic system of the main blog sites. Robots (by the way, each has its own name, for example, Vacuum cleaner, Valera) track the dynamics of video views and monitor subscribers, likes/comments, clicks on advertising links and a number of other options.

The next round’s funding will be used to expand the platform’s usefulness and enter new markets. Today the team is analyzing English-speaking YouTube Bloggers. Within three months they will add bloggers from EU and CIS. By June, they are planning to include Instagram into the list of supported platforms.

After that, the turn will come to expand the functionality, communicate with influencers, conduct campaigns, sign contracts, monitor progress, pay and secure transactions.


Success on Product Hunt

We recently wrote that a startup got the honorary title of Product of the Week on Product Hunt. However, community interest around the project has been steadily growing. As a result, today the project became the Product of the month!

After launching on PH, representatives of marketing companies and agencies from the USA became actively interested in the platform: now there are already 35 companies in the waitlist. Product Hunt also became the source of the first traffic: up to 700 users, mainly from the USA, are now visiting the platform daily.


Easy bloggers became the Product of the Month on Product Hunt

Why are investors interested in Easy Bloggers?

1. In-demand product

The team ‘went in tranches’ and after three development direction changes have discovered the real market needs. The influencer marketing industry is rapidly expanding by tens of percent per year. The growing coverage and high bloggers’ earnings combined with the technical accessibility send the industry skyrocketing. However, there are very few convenient solutions for advertisers today.


2. Clients before launch
The team got its first clients before the platform became available to everyone. After the demo presentations, Easy Bloggers signed their first contracts with major agencies.

3. Experienced team

Evgeny Rozhko, the CEO of the startup, has been working in the sphere of product development for over a decade and has already been involved in the launch of several successful products. Sergey Stelmakh, the company’s CTO, is an experienced engineer working in Silicon Valley.


The role of Rocket DAO

Easy Bloggers Startup is the third project that has passed through Rocket DAO ecosystem: from mentoring sessions, monthly traction and evaluation and all the way to funding. It is also the third project funded by members of the investment club ‘’. was created for business angels and venture funds which are actively investing in early-stage startups. The club continuously updates its members with traction reports for the startups available through the Rocket DAO Pipeline. The evaluation reports are conducted by a venture fund analyst and include 4 parameters (product, market, business model, team). The club members also get notified of the start of fundraising. If you also want to receive Club reports, please subscribe to

To facilitate the project’s fundraising Yuri Shlaganov, an investment manager of the large venture fund, helped to assess the project and raise successful funds.

Easy bloggers became the Product of the Month on Product Hunt
Click on the image to see the Evaluation report of Easy Bloggers

The project received a high score of 7.3 (out of 10). Here is Yury’s comment on the project:

The company solves a very urgent problem of organizing the process of advertising with relevant bloggers and influencers. The target market is growing rapidly, but is very competitive — there are lots of companies with traction, however, there are no indisputable leaders yet. The product is scalable and has significant competitive advantages for some customer segments. At the moment, exit opportunities are not transparent, there are few acquisitions of similar companies, but the situation should change in the medium and long term. The team lacks entrepreneurial experience, but has a good industry, product and technological expertise. The team is able to quickly generate and test hypotheses, which is critical at this stage.


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