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Angelina Dmitruk

Angelina Dmitruk

Right in the head: self-limiting beliefs in business
Time to overcome the barriers in your head and start expressing your opinion.
19 Jan 2021
Financial advisor for zoomers Cleo, Collab clip maker, MentalHealth startup Lyra Health, cloud games from Parsec, dating on Bumble, livestreamed shopping at Walmart
New Tuesday — new digest! Sharing great news of December 14-18. 
22 Dec 2020
Getting started with Amazon Web Services 2: building an MVP
How to develop an MVP with Amazon Web Services.
9 Dec 2020
TOP10 summer news
We've prepared our TOP 10 summer news of Startup Jedi for you!
23 Sep 2020
International partners of
Today we will tell you about our first international partners.
29 Jun 2020
Easy Bloggers
For this month, the startup has two important achievements: the project raised investments and received the title of Product of the Month!
1 Jun 2020
We decided to take a new approach to the issue of joint early-stage investments, so we're launching!
22 Apr 2020
Rocket DAO
CEO of Rocket DAO told us how the ecosystem works, what are the perks of its startup evaluation and how projects can get a service package
20 Mar 2020
Henadzi Koltun
The author of the Rocket DAO startup evaluation methodology Henadzi Koltun tells about the peculiarities of conveying startup Due Diligence
13 Feb 2020
Startup ecosystem of Russia
In our new article, we will tell you about how the startup ecosystem in Russia looks like.
10 Feb 2020
Anton Kulichkin
Anton Kulichkin told about the results of 2019, trends for 2020 and gave a piece of advice on how to make a deal with any adequate investor.
28 Jan 2020
Venture investors value startups
If you plan to attract investments,most likely one day investors will conduct evaluation of your startup. To be ready, read the…
6 Dec 2019

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