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International network of partners

Monday, June 29, 2020

Not that long ago, we shared an update about the 50 first members of our investment community. To date, the representatives of more than 20 early stage funds as well as more than 30 business angels from Belarus, Russia, the USA, the Netherlands, China, Great Britain and Turkey have already joined

We are actively working on the club’s development and expanding the geography of our representative office! Today we will tell you about our first international partners.

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Why do we need international partners?

The club’s flow looks like that: we find interesting software startups at the Pre-seed and Seed stages, monthly collect data based on key metrics to generate traction reports, for the best ones we make an evaluation based on 4 parameters: product, market, business model and team (it’s a shortened version of Due Due Diligence) — and organize syndicates with the interested investors from

To realize such a flow, an excellent understanding of the local startup and investment community is necessary. Who knows the most active angels of the ecosystem and who is the first to get to know potential unicorns? Of course, local representatives!

Cooperation with allows partners to raise international investments and share experience with local startups as well as develop a network of local investors. Our partners get access to our resources:

  • Rocket DAO pipeline

  • All traction reports

  • All evaluation reports of our startups

  • The opportunity to talk about their local ecosystems, investors and startups in our media Startup Jedi.


Who are the partners? currently has partners in 3 countries: Ukraine, Cyprus, Kazakhstan. Partners are official representatives of the club in these countries and all local startups and investors go through them before getting into our pipeline or become members of the investor club.

Alex Riabtsev

Alex Riabtsev (Ukraine)

Alexander is the founder of the Startup.In.UA community, an expert at the Ukrainian Startup Fund, an expert at the Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge, speaker and mentor at the Synergate Academy of Entrepreneurship (Odessa), a TechCamp program speaker sponsored by the US government and many more regalia.



Oleg Reshetnikov

Oleg Reshetnikov (Cyprus)

Oleg is a founder and an evangelist of CypRus_iT Community, which is one of the largest Russian-speaking IT communities in the world. He is also a Connect.Club Ambassador.



Marat Tolibaev

Marat Tolibaev (Kazakhstan)

Marat is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, business angel, investor.Self-launched over five IT startups in Kazakhstan. The most successful of them is medical portal.

Marat invested in various IT startups such as,, 3DLOOK, and others. He is the organizer of the Kazakhstan Investors Club, where private investors come together for joint investments. It currently has about 60 members.



How to become a partner?

The goal of the international partnership is to expand the network, choose the best startups from the world and jointly close the rounds. Therefore, we are always open for any kind of cooperation. To become a partner of in your country, you need to fill out a short form here.

29 Jun 2020


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