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Thursday, May 28, 2020

A month ago, we announced the launch of an investment club for business angels and early stage venture funds named, today the number of the club members is already over 50! Let's summarize the first results.

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The main aim of is to gather active investors from all over the world who are interested in software early-stage startups from Eastern Europe and greatly facilitate their work in searching, selecting, tracking and evaluating projects.

For a month of active work, partners of 12 early-stage venture capital funds joined Among the current members of the Club are also more than 20 business angels from Belarus, Russia, the USA, the Netherlands, China, Great Britain and Turkey.

A bit early to say much yet regarding deal flow quality, but investclub is using digital communication tools in an innovative way and could prove an easy to use support channel to save time on scouting and pre-assessing, — Bas Godska, GP Acrobator Ventures.

Club investors regularly receive traction reports of the best startups: these reports reveal the dynamics of the projects from our pipeline according to key metrics, achievements over the past period as well as negative events that happened if so and goals for the next month. Investors have already seen more than 20 traction reports from 8 startups.
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Startups that show good stable growth are being transferred to our analytic partners of venture capital funds for the evaluation. At the exit, startups receive a 40-page Due Diligence based on 4 parameters: business model, team, market, product. This stage is the last resort before fundraising and Club investors are the first to gain access to the evaluation results.

This month, two such evaluation reports were issued: a startup from the HR industry where each employee gets the opportunity to collect individual benefit programs based on their needs named PERK (evaluation) and a project that develops a platform for automation of influence marketing named Easy Bloggers (evaluation).

Also in the club, we periodically announce the achievements of our startups. For example, Easy Bloggers became #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt (you can read about this case in this article), as a result of which we have increased our client base by 220 companies.

The final stage is fundraising, the process of raising investments takes place in syndicates although it does not exclude individual investments. Investors who are interested in the startup are added to the chat with the founders and then they send the founders an investment proposal. After that, the founders select a lead investor and a syndicate is going to happen, at this stage, we’re the ones who help to lead it.

Our goal is to grow to a community of 150 professional active venture investors by the end of 2020. To join, submit an application at website, after which we will clarify your investment interest and begin to share insights from the most promising startups of our pipeline.

28 May 2020


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