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Belarusian startup Easy Bloggers became the Product of the Week on Product Hunt!

Monday, May 11, 2020

A project from the’s pipeline - Easy Bloggers, the one which automates the work with influencers, became the product of the week on Product Hunt!


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Influencer marketing is already a part of our everyday life. Influencer advertising is perceived as naturally as newspaper ads many decades ago. But! It’s not that easy to find influencers and it’s even harder to launch and manage advertising campaigns at scale. This is the problem which Easy Bloggers is offering a solution to.

Easy Bloggers is a full-cycle influencer marketing platform that automates the work with opinion leaders. The team provides a comprehensive solution for conducting influencer marketing campaigns that solves the main problems of the client: search for relevant

bloggers with advanced analytics, management of advertising campaigns, conclusion of contracts and payment to bloggers. You can find all the interesting details about the project in this interview.

The goal of Easy Bloggers is to democratize the market: minimize the threshold to enter the influencer marketing for new players. As for today, Easy Bloggers provides its users with free tools for searching influencers and forecasts the possible outcomes of the collaboration with them. Among the data that you get are the audience analytics, some major metrics, cost of collaboration, the cost and results forecast of the marketing campaign, contact details and much more.

11 May 2020


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