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Rocket DAO ecosystem

Darya Skorokhod

We are pleased to announce Founders Club 2.0, which is a new wave startup studio within the Rocket DAO ecosystem!
8 Oct 2021
Investor lineup and new speakers announced for Wolves Summit in October 19-21, 2021
This year 14th (and the most effective one!) Wolves Summit will be held.
10 Sep 2021
Summing up for our celebration
13 Jul 2021
TOP10 summer news
We've prepared our TOP 10 summer news of Startup Jedi for you!
23 Sep 2020
TikTok Startup Jedi
Startup Jedi launched its own TikTok channel. Why and what is its concept? Let's talk about everything step by step.
10 Sep 2020
Startup Jedi
Today is a big and exciting day for us - Startup Jedi turns 1 year old!
11 Jul 2020
Starta Capital
We are happy to share that Starta Venture became one of the members of!
25 May 2020

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There is a set of basic universal indicators that should be considered by almost any company. We will deal with them today.
Together with Yury Shlaganov we have decided that it would be interesting and useful to review the process of project evaluation in detail