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Startup Jedi is now on TikTok

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Startup Jedi launched its own TikTok channel. Why and what is its concept? Let's talk about everything step by step.

Startup Jedi

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We haven’t pleased you with video content for a long time — it’s time to fix it! And we want to do this with the announcement of our new direction: Startup Jedi launched its own TikTok channel. Why and what is its concept? Let’s talk about everything step by step.

Tik Tok, a service for creating and viewing short videos, appeared on the world stage not so long ago (in 2018), but it has already won the hearts of millions of users. Entertaining content one minute long makes you “stick” in the new social network for hours.

We went further and decided to adapt the educational part of Startup Jedi for the convenience of our readers. What does it mean? Now, on our social networks, you can always find short videos on topics that will be useful to startup founders, investors, and everyone who is close to or interested in the topic of startups.

Here is a short list of what you will find in our channel:

  • Educational materials and summaries from our articles: everything about the tools for growth, short guides on financial metrics and technological trends;

  • Secrets of competent preparations of pitches, including video pitches, explanations of the most important metrics for b2b and b2c startups from the girls from the Founders Club;

  • Pitches by founders of successful startups: in a short video they will tell about their projects and share the main ideas,talk about their development plans and what they have already achieved;

  • News digests, with the help of which you can always keep abreast of world news in the world of venture;

  • is also ready to delight you with content: here you will find a video explaining investment instruments and analytics by generations: X, Y and Z.


Where and in what language will the videos be posted?

It’s no secret that all Startup Jedi materials are published in two languages. However, we decided to structure the content for a relevant audience. That is why our TikTok will delight you with video content only in Russian. Nevertheless, you can always find videos in English that you are interested in on Instagram or, as well as on Facebook and Telegram.

Interested in startups or you have always dreamed of launching your own project? Join Startup Jedi and grow with us!

10 Sep 2020


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