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Startup Jedi turns 2 years old!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Startup Jedi turned 2 years old this Sunday, July 11th. What results have we achieved over this period and how has the development vector changed? Telling about all of these below :)

Startup Jedi

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Exactly a year ago, we summed up the results and gathered all the statistics for you on our last Birthday. Today I want to share an updated picture and say special thanks to the Startup Jedi team for such a great job!

Let’s start with the highlights of this year:

  1. The Startup Jedi team dove into SEO development and were able to achieve stable monthly growth of 10% -15%!

  2. At the time of the active advertising campaign, we broke all records and received a total reach of 1 200 000 + views in May.

  3. We launched our YouTube channel and announced the “VIDEO” section on the website. Now all videos are gathered in one place, and the materials you are interested in can be found by easy navigation.

  4. We can’t help but mention our Startupedia — a startup navigator to help anyone who wants to dig into a startup topic. Want to know everything about startups and investments? Close google, because now you have Startupedia from Startup Jedi.

  5. A new “VC Trends” section has appeared on the website, in which we have gathered cool articles on the topic of research, technology and much more. Go ahead and study, you’ll find many interesting articles there!

  6. The Startup Jedi team grows fast. At the moment, the team consists of more than 20 authors from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. The materials are translated and adapted by 5 translators from Ukraine and Belarus, and all processes are managed by the Rocket DAO team of 6 people. Great, isn’t it?

  7. Last month, Startup Jedi hit 12 000 article views for the first time in July. And we are just gaining momentum!

In the coming months, we plan to further develop the advertising and SEO spheres to support organic media growth and attract new readers. Startup Jedi continues to work on improving the content to continue to delight you with cool and useful articles.

Want to share your opinion on Startup Jedi or write an article or talk about your startup? Then feel free to write directly at or Telegram @darya_skd. We will be very glad to hear from you!

13 Jul 2021


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