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Happy Birthday, Startup Jedi

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Today is a big and exciting day for us - Startup Jedi turns 1 year old!

Startup Jedi

We talk to startups and investors, you get the value.

Startup Jedi is an online media platform about startups and investments, which was created with the support of the Rocket DAO project and has become an integral part of it. It all has started with a bilingual blog on the Medium platform which we have been diligently developing and filling with content. The first article was published on July, 11 2019, which became a small beginning of a long-term journey.

At the end of April 2020, we decided to go further and launched our own website Now, all the most interesting news about the world of venture and startups is published here. For a little more than two months, we have conquered the mark of 5,000 views and are not going to stop there.

Startup Jedi

For a year, 135 longreads were published at Startup Jedi:

  • #Education. 41 educational article from which you can learn how to launch your project, what to focus on when scaling it, which methodologies you can use to develop and manage your team and which metrics to consider in which niche;

  • #Startups. 32 interviews with the founders of successful and promising startups: everything about their personal experience, the difficulties they have faced in developing the product, insights and just cool tips;

  • #Ecosystem. 25 detailed reviews of the startup ecosystems in Europe, accelerators in different parts of the United States, forecasts of the development of the venture capital market and analysis of useful materials;

  • #RocketDAO and #Updates. 16 news about the Rocket DAO ecosystem as well as the achievements of the startups from the Rocket DAO pipeline;

  • #News — our youngest section already has 12 news about the high-profile deals of the week and events that any startupper can’t miss;

  • #Investors. 9 interviews with investors and business angels from Belarus, Russia, the USA, Poland, Israel and France, who shared their experiences, interests and talked about the moment you can start raising investments.

At this stage, a strong and united team works behind the development of our online media. This year, 8 authors from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia have prepared and continue writing their articles for you: Nadezhda Yushkevich, Alexander Litvin, Valentin Mihkaltsov, Yury Shlaganov, Andrey Miroshnichenko, Yuliya Nehay, Alex Riabtsev, Eduard Mirchev — as well as 4 members of our Rocket DAO team: Angelina Dmitruk, Gabil Tagiev, Anna Mastykina, Darya Skorokhod. Our team also has five translators from Belarus and Ukraine who responsibly adapt all our materials to a non-Russian-speaking audience.

Startup Jedi is not limited to one website. We are represented in 7 different social networks:

Most of our readers are concentrated there — more than 100 000 people interact with us on a monthly basis.

We value our audience and also guarantee the quality and frequency of news that will be published on the platform. That is why you can join our family and register on our site to get all the information first completely free. No spam. No advertising. Useful content only.

You can always reach out to me regarding any questions of cooperation by email or in Telegram @darya_skd. Will be very glad to hear from you!

Onwards and upwards. We promise to continue pleasing you with useful content. Venture to all!

11 Jul 2020


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