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Our TOP of summer news

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Startup Jedi

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While the weather in September still pleases us with warmth at times, we decided to get summer memories back. After all, this summer was intense and vibrant both on the world stage and in the world of startups and venture. Startup Jedi was pleasing you with content during the whole summer so today we decided to prepare a digest of the best articles of recent months. Meet our TOP 10 articles of the summer!


1. Revolution in online education: how a Belarusian startup is changing the rules of the game — the story of EduDo startup



I would like to start with news that made it to trends in a matter of days: in July we talked about a new EduDo project — a platform for people who want to gain knowledge in various fields in the most convenient format. The app will be full of short videos on a variety of topics: from fashion and creativity to global problems and politics.

Yury Shlaganov, CEO of EduDo, came up with the idea for a startup with the help of numerous studies that he devoted to Generation Z, or zoomers. By the way, one of these studies is about their mental health.

Still doubt if this startup will become another TikTok? We are glad to inform you that the team has already charmed investors and raised $170,000 of investments, and this is just the beginning!


2. The Midas List 2020 — Forbes' list of those, whose investments were the most profitable

The Midas List 2020


The second piece of news that captured the hearts of our readers is a review of the Top 10 Investors from the Midas list 2020, which has been compiled by Forbes magazine for 19 years.

In our article, we talked in detail about each of those who settled on the first ten lines: about their experience, focus, the most famous invested startups, and also analyzed how their position in the list has changed compared to last year. It’s time to get acquainted with their stories of success!


3. Fashion tech and digital кутюр — results of the panel discussion at EMERGE-2020 conference

Fashion tech and digital couture


The #Ecosystems section has delighted us with a large number of quality reviews this summer. Of the noteworthy — Fashion tech and digital couture — for those who are fond of modern fashion and technology. Have you ever thought about the transformations that can occur in the fashion industry in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic? The future of digital models and digital clothing was discussed in the article.


4. Legal compliance for a startup: what documentation to take care of from day 1 to avoid problems in future

Legal compliance for a startup: what documentation to take care of from day 1 to avoid problems in future


How easily do you deal with the legal issues of your project? Do you often come across difficulties or misunderstandings in working with documents? We understand you perfectly and have already prepared a cool solution — an article about legal compliance for a startup. In it, you will find out what documents you need to enter from the first day so that there are no legal problems in the future.


5. Customer Journey Map: tools and approaches to describe the “journey” of the customer from the first contact with the company to making a purchase and further purchases

Customer Journey Map: tools and approaches


Continuing the #Education section, you cannot ignore the article about Customer Journey Map, because if you do not know the mechanics of customer interaction with your company’s product, you are likely to lose both regular users and potential ones — those to whom a satisfied customer would recommend you.

Creating a CJM (Customer Journey Map) is not a very difficult, but effective opportunity to make the customer happy with the product and use it for as long as possible. In this article we will introduce you to the concept of CJM, will tell you in detail about its functions and construction methods.


6. Belarusian IT in the period of national revival— chronology of events in the IT industry of Belarus in August

Belarus 2020


Of course, we could not ignore what is happening in Belarus. Especially for you, we have compiled a summary of news about what happened to the Belarusian IT in August against the background of mass strikes of industrial enterprises, peaceful rallies of citizens, blocking of the Internet, detentions and other related events. What measures were taken by representatives of the IT industry in order to protect themselves, their colleagues and other Belarusians — read the article.


7. Startup Jedi is now on TikTok — yes, we started testing the video format :)

Our Rocket DAO ecosystem is also rapidly developing. Not so long ago we launched our TikTok channel.

What for? We believe that the time has come to adapt the educational part of Startup Jedi for the convenience of our readers and to tell the key points in a convenient, short video format. What does it mean? Now in our social media you will more and more often see short videos on topics that will be useful to both startup founders, investors, and everyone who is close and interested in the topic of startups.


8. First clients, first transactions and a new application: PERK-CARD startup achievements in the last month



Remember HR-Tech startup PERK-CARD from the Rocket DAO pipeline? This application is for companies that use benefits (“buns”) and want to improve their efficiency by personalizing bonuses as well as automating the use of social benefits.

In July, the team shared with us their achievements: the guys have already started their first sales and the network of partners is actively growing. We cannot but share all the news of the project with you! By the way, the project is now in the active phase of fundraising, if you have an investment interest in it — leave a request on the website and we will contact you.


9. Netflix for mental health: Human startup makes psychological assistance accessible for everybody

стартап Human


Another startup that is solving an urgent problem is the Human project. The application is an interactive story with comments from psychotherapists, based on life situations. Life situations can be completely different, we are talking about universal topics: relationships, jealousy, sex, parenting, self-esteem.

Now the Human team is raising a Pre-seed round for the launch of a full-fledged iOS prototype (and we again invite you to if you want to get more information about the project). You can get acquainted with the history and concept of the project in our interview.


10. European accelerators — a review of the TOP accelerators of the region 

European accelerators


Last in the list, but certainly not the last in importance, is an article with an overview of European accelerators. Dominates the London region, where 5 of the 10 most active accelerators are located, while Paris is trying to develop its own ecosystem and “undermining” London dominance with its acceleration programs. Who else is in the top — read our review! This is definitely worth your attention!


Our small summer digest has come to an end, but we still have a lot of artickes for you that have already been released or will appear on

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23 Sep 2020


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