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Belarusian EduTech startup EduDo became the Product of the Week on Product Hunt

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

EduDo, a startup close to our ecosystem, creates a mobile learning platform with short (up to 3 minutes long) interactive videos. Last week, they launched on Apple Store and already became the Product of the Week on Product Hunt!

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The goal of EduDo is to integrate self-development into people’s lives. To date, there are already more than 10 hours of content on the platform covering different topics from Arts and Business to Fashion and Global Challenges.

We’ve talked about EduDo a couple of times before:

  • How the idea of the project appeared, why EduTech and Generation Z have a lot to do with it, why video content and how everything will work — Yury Shlaganov, the founder of the startup, who worked for 3.5 years as an investment manager at Flint Capital and RBF Ventures venture funds, talked about all of this in the interview.

  • How the startup raised first $170,000 having an idea backed by a cool team and detailed research — in an article on the fundraising process of EduDo: they reached 117% conversion of meetings into investments!

  • What the startup managed to achieve in six months of work, what hypotheses the team is testing when launching the product on iOS, what creatives they use to attract users, how they created more than 8.5 hours of educational content — all of this in our fresh article-update of the project’s development.

And a new update is coming — the project became the product of the week on Product Hunt!

Product Hunt is the world’s most popular resource for announcing startups, usually at early stages. Here anyone can publish their project in order to collect first traffic, get feedback, attract partners’ attention and find investors. Best projects of PH get into daily and weekly mailings, which are enthusiastically checked by Silicon Valley investors and tech media. By the way, we held a webinar on this topic and revealed the main secrets of a successful launch on Product Hunt in this article.

Launching on Product Hunt and getting a status of the product the week allowed EduDo to attract about 1000 users and start collecting content and product analytics to test fundamental hypotheses for the startup’s development.

Stop scrolling and start learning!

EduDo startup
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23 Dec 2020


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