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While artificial intelligence communicates with the customer, your sales go up: Heyday raised $5.1M

Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Montreal-based Heyday announced today that it has raised $5.1M in additional Seed financing.

Cofounder and CFR Etienne Merino defines his project as a unified customer communication platform. The client sends a message from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, or just an email, and Heyday combines all this communication on one dashboard. The chatbot then uses artificial intelligence to determine whether this is related to customer service or sales, and automates basic responses if possible, or sends a request to the right employees. The service’s functionality also allows users to learn news about orders and recommend products through integration with Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed and PrestaShop.

According to CEO and cofounder Steve Desjalre, the goal of the project is to enable retailers to set up a more automated and personalized form of communication with customers. Effective customer communication, in turn, directly affects reviews and sales. On its website, Heyday cites the case of the Make Up Forever brand, which, thanks to the use of the company’s solution, online sales increased by 20%. Other cases show a reduction in phone calls, request processing time, and an increase in overall brand and customer service ratings from online users.

Heyday was founded in 2017 and has doubled its regular revenue in the past two quarters. Clients include the French sports company Decathlon, the food and consumer goods brand Danone: Merino noted that the platform has demonstrated significant international growth.

According to Crunchbase, the startup previously raised $2M Canadian. The new round comes from previous investors Innovobot and Desjardins Capital. Merino said the money will help Heyday “double its U.S. growth and scale up.”

11 Mar 2021


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