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What does a startup need to be happy? Fast and steady growth, and… unicorns

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

International digital marketing agency Zorka.Agency launches a new product Zorka.Scale: startup promotion.

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Zorka.Agency has been working for over 7 years on the digital marketing market and has accumulated expertise in online promotion. Today the agency helps clients to reach their goals not only through performance and influence marketing but also by creating complex digital strategies, using ASO and SMM tools, as well as making automated sales funnels.

Zorka.Scale is the agency’s new product for solving the problem of fast and sustainable business scaling for startups that have already received investment. The promotion strategy is built taking into account the unit economics of the product and key performance indicators. Before launching an advertising campaign, a number of preparatory steps are taken together with the client:

  1. A detailed audit of the product to find the best strategic solutions.

  2. Creation of a promotion strategy: scaling of existing channels, testing and launching new ones.

  3. Setting up and/or optimizing the unit economy.

 Kirill Oreshkin — strategic director at Zorka.Agency:

We usually work with big brands, but startups have started to approach us more often. We have realized that working with them is very different from working with an already large, stable corporation. Decisions in startups are made immediately, there is more risk, but there is a lot of focus on metrics, unit economics, and generally, startups are much more “mathematical” than their already mature counterparts.

That is why we restructured our processes, started working on hypotheses, moving very quickly but in small steps, checking what works, what can be scaled, where there are opportunities for growth.

Classical agencies are not built for such approaches. Usually, it takes a long time to approve a big campaign, then you “unscrew” it, look at analytics, and coordinate the next step for a long time. So now we have two different approaches within the agency. And we believe that over time, large campaigns that also like this startup approach will start coming to Zorka.Scale.

 Anastasia Grigorieva — Commercial Director of Zorka.Agency:

At Zorka.Scale we have gathered specialists who have gone through the process of becoming and growing products themselves. We understand the startup atmosphere and have made enough mistakes to know how to prevent them.

We see growth opportunities and make predictions based on market research, audience needs and product value. We are excited to grow and grow with our partners! You will always have an honest and open team with you to implement ideas and position your product.

Zorka.Agency is an international digital marketing agency. The agency specializes in developing strategies to scale clients’ businesses, taking into account the forecasted return on their marketing investments and an honest assessment of risks. For that Zorka.Agency is implementing a partnership approach in its relations with clients, deeply analyzing the specifics of their business and using its international and industry expertise to offer the original mix of technologies, traffic channels, creative formats and non-standard methods to work with the target audience.


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