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Just curious: Lynk KaaS platform raises $24M

Friday, January 29, 2021

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The amount of information and content produced is increasing exponentially every day. With the development of the Internet and its ubiquity, it becomes more accessible to a wide range of people, but it quickly faces a new challenge: how to filter out the entire amount of information in order to find the answer to your question? How to verify it for authenticity without a specialized background?

The request for expert opinion in the relevant field in this regard exists and it is constantly growing. The emergence of platforms like Quora on the market that connect user to expert is the answer to such a request. But Peggy Choi, CEO of the Lynk project, has developed this idea with the help of artificial intelligence technologies.

Lynk raised $24M a few days ago, with Brewer Lane Ventures and MassMutual Ventures leading the B round, with Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund participation. The project idea is based on the “new knowledge economy”, the platform positions itself as “knowledge-as-a-service”. The service differs from its colleagues, the Quora and Zhihu projects, in the way it works and the tasks it solves. While other similar platforms allow any user to ask any question and get an answer from other registered users, then Lynk works to solve primarily business problems and carefully selects its experts.

Peggy Choi, as an investor, learned from her own experience that talking to the right person often changes everything. Lynk Answers’ flagship product is aimed at entrepreneurs, corporations and investors. With its help, you can analyze the market in an area where it is impossible to get there due to closed borders, get valuable insights and a piece of advice on trends.

Lynk experts, who are called “partners” within the service, are top managers, leading lawyers and financiers, analysts and scientists, whose expertise is verified before being added to the number of service specialists. The “match” between a specialist and a user provides a constantly learning internal matching mechanism.

Today Lynk has 840 thousand experts. The project is monetized on the basis of a paid subscription to the service. Plans include expansion to other markets, new products and the development of a network of experts, as well as special programs such as Lynk Elite Expert Women.

29 Jan 2021


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