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Artificial Intelligence SEO Tools

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Artificial intelligence, as well as AI, is no longer a fiction or an imagination. Whether you like it or not, AI has broken into our lives and become an integral part of everyday pastime.

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Many of us start the day with music that is collected by streaming services; continue and end the day with short videos, movies and serials on various online platforms; during the day, text is typed or conjured up for translation into different Internet platformsServices; call for help with voice programs and devices; use spam-blocked mail; use image recognition app; learn the weather; search for a lot of information by search engines; travel on unmanned vehicles; write poetry and music —  all based on artificial intelligence, although not everyone knows it.

So if all of a sudden you thought artificial intelligence was some kind of human-like robot, and that’s all, you were wrong. The mission of the AI is to understand people, and it is carried out by technical or software systems.

Artificial intelligence technologies
  1. Narrow or limited (Artificial Narrow Intelligence, ANI) —  solves only specific tasks. For example, Google's RankBrain and Google search, search engine Yandex, and Alice, Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon. This is the only type of AI that has been successfully implemented as of 2021.
  2. General Intelligence (Artificial General Intelligence, AGI) —  is equated with human intelligence. Versatile, able to perform many different tasks and learn from their own experience.
  3. Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) — exceeds the level of human intelligence.

Marketers, SEO specialists, and SMM managers have long used artificial intelligence as tools for their work. Such companies as Facebook, Google, and Yandex in their algorithms using AI and give dimension.

The Modern History of AI-based SEO Tools

In this article we will not tell you about all known free SEO tools that are based on artificial intelligence. But we’ll tell you about the relatively recent novelties. So in order to perform analysis of traffic to sites, ranking of sites in the search engine, as well as to monitor search engines and keywords —  use various tools, including artificial intelligence in search algorithms.

Far back in 2013, the development of AI began on the achievements of machine learning. And already in 2015, Google created an artificial intelligence system that can learn on its own. The previously mentioned RankBrain operates on the basis of Word2Vec, absorbs the meaning of the text, finds connections between individual words, and when it comes to unfamiliar words, it searches for clues and synonyms, which then creates the basis for data filtering.

Yandex is also catching up with its main competitor. In 2016, the company launched the “Palekh” algorithm, which, thanks to neural networks, finds pages both by keywords and  meaning!

But it didn’t stop the technology. Thus, in 2017 began to develop the algorithm “Korolev”, which compares the semantic vectors of queries and pages entirely. Korolev simultaneously employed neural networks and machine learning.

Directions of development in SEO

First trend. In 2020, Google first introduced Core Web Vitals, an indicator that takes into account site ranking factors. Core Web Vitals is user-oriented, with the help of this indicator sites can be made “easier” and faster, as well as add minimalism and comfort in use.

The second trend. The Largest Contentful Paint, aka LCP, is an indicator that evaluates performance, examines the page loading speed. The quality of hosting, the optimal resolution of images and videos, the number of CSS and Javascript codes-all this increases the LCP indicators.

Third Trend. First Input Delay, or FID, or First Input Delay, is an indicator that tests website interactivity, browser responsiveness, user behavior after site address typing and clicking. Caching your browser, reducing Javascript and compressing it, separating Javascript’s long tasks, eliminating unnecessary third-party scripts, removing unwanted files or code fragments all increase your browser’s response, provide page responsiveness and, correspondingly, improves FID performance.

Fourth trend. Cumulative Layout Shift, or CLS, or Total Layout Shift, is a measure that considers moving elements while loading a page. Limitations of built-in content and iframe windows, i.e., built-in frame, setting fixed image sizes, pre-loading necessary web fonts - all this improves CLS performance and provides stability. 

In addition, you should not write off the EAT factors that determine the quality of the domain content. Market research, customer requests and user preferences will help you create good, relevant content for the users you need.

Recent Artificial Intelligence news

Yandex was the first in the world to introduce simultaneous voice-over translation of streaming video to the world. Machine translation from a foreign language is already available in Yandex browsers. However, so far only from English to Russian, but the company's employees assure that they will constantly add languages and improve a unique, one-of-a-kind technology that has no analogues on the planet Earth.

It is in line with the times and Sber, who patented the first program in Russia allowing to write software code with the help of AI. The program is trained in programming languages and is able to recognize and analyze objects in virtual reality. Savings believes that their development will help not only programmers at work, but also complement similar Microsoft technology, which creates applications without deep knowledge of code or formulae. Bill Gates introduced the innovation in May 2021.

1 Sep 2021


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